300 million USDT printed to activate the programmed protocol in Binance – Breaking News

So started the day with this warning from the treasury of Tether to report a transfer of 300 million USDT from Binance to Tether and then a simple issue to enable the exchange of scheduled protocols Omni ERC20, was returned to the exchange the same amount of stablecoins, as reported today in the official website of the company and whale-alert-io. Alerts watching The first transfer is made this September 12 at 09:04:01 UTC from the treasury of the Tether to the exchange Binance by the amount referred to above. Movement of whale in USDT The second transfer was recorded seventeen minutes after to finish the activation of the protocol of USDT in the chain of Ethereum and transfer the nearly $300 million dollars in USDT. In addition to this movement that generated a bit of suspicion in the market, the whales crypto moved funds in the currencies used in the last two weeks: Bitcoin, EOS, USDT, and the token of Ripple, XRP. We will start by the analysis of the last, because today Brad Garlinghouse had to go out on the CNN show Crypto Crazy directed by the famous presenter Julia Chatterley to defend what many consider the achilles ‘ heel of the token to the company: their centralization and manipulation of prices by the directors. The reactions on the course in the community did not wait and began a bombardment that seemed endless, while the whales moved 67,2 million tokens XRP during the interview, extracted from the exchange BTCTurk of ironic way? We don’t know yet. In total there was a movement of 77.2 million XRP to unknown addresses property of the whales Ripple for an estimated value of $19.6 million dollars. In addition to the controversial token XRP, whales, crypto continued to generate soft waves in EOS, the seventh criptomoneda that he was the protagonist at the beginning of the week, but this time just a transfer between unknown addresses by 2 million EOS is recorded in its blockchain at 10:19:13 UTC for an estimated value of $7.378.562 USD. Movement of a whale EOS finally and not less important, a small withdrawal of the exchange Coinbase was recorded on 12 September at 07:30:44 UTC by a whale that transferred to your wallet from unknown address to 1,500 BTC for an estimated value of just over $15 million dollars. In parallel Bitcoin managed to climb in trading today helped by positive news coming from Nasdaq, France, Binance and Bakkt about 300 points to begin to test the resistance of 10.5 k at the time of writing. The following two tabs change content below. Engineer and passionate about technology, Blockchain and the Bitcoin since 2009.

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