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In the past seven days the market the cryptocurrencies presented a slight variance to the floor.EOS and TRX, cryptocurrencies ecosystem of Dapps, are among the most valued.During the week that took place from the 7th to the 13th of September, the market for cryptocurrencies is moved toward the low, although some projects showed a slight upward trend towards the end of the week. This despite the fact that bitcoin presented a decrease of -3,27%. The price of bitcoin began to fall from the 6 of September and in the week its value was maintained around us $ 10,000, with a maximum price that was close to us $ 10.600 8 September. At the close of this wording is quoted in USD 10.302, according to data from the portal CoinCheckup.The rest of the cryptocurrencies major presents growth variable. The ether saw an increase of 3,23%. The price started to climb the 6 of September, from USD 169,57 to USD 178,76. Currently it is traded at USD 178, 84. Ripple (XRP), for its part, is losing value (-0,02%), after experiencing a rise on the 7th of September, when it went to USD 0,2521 to USD 0,2611. Since September 11, the price began to lower and is now trading at USD 0,2556.Among the projects most important factors this week are Eos (EOS), Dash (DASH) and Tron (TRX). These three cryptocurrencies had growth rates ranging between 4% and almost 14%, approximately. The five criptoactivos most valued are completed with litecoin (LTC) and cardano (ADA), with gains of 2.79% and 2.76%, respectively.


EOSIO is one of the platforms of the blockchain that has been experiencing a rapid growth in the last year. Is among the most popular for the management of decentralized applications (Dapps), next to Erthereun and Tron.The criptomoneda native of this ecosystem, EOS recorded a growth of 13,51% in the last seven days. The increase became noticeable from the 7th of September, when it went to USD 3,23 USD 3,58, with a peak of USD 3,89 9 September. At the time of writing this note, values in us $ 3,70. The market capitalization of EOS round the $ 3.460 billion, with a volume of daily trade of USD 1.357 billion. Its main markets are observed in the houses of change Bibox, BigONE, CBX and Bit-Z. Among the possible reasons for the increase is the proximity of a bifurcation takes of the chain of blocks EOSIO, scheduled for September 23. To this date, the producers of blocks of EOS (BP) have agreed to activate EOSIO v1.8 in the core network.Source:


This week the criptomoneda optimized to payments DASH had an increase of 12,80%, cotizándose to $ 91,56 at the close of this report. During the past 7 days the criptoactivo rose gradually, with a significant rise from 12 September, when it was priced at close to $ 86, to then climb up to more than USD 91.The price increase coincides with the announcement of the incorporation of Dash to the platform Coinbase. The support will be available from the 16th of September in the jurisdictions supported from Coinbase, with the exception of the State of New York and the United Kingdom, according to the house of the change in your blog. The news is a matter of some debate in social networks like Reddit and Twitter, because Coinbase is one of the leading platforms of the market.The capitalization of Dash is currently at USD 826 million, with a trade volume of USD 239 million in the last 24 hours. The criptoactivo is primarily marketed in P2PB2B, Bibox, Binance, and DigiFinex.Source:


From the September 7, TRX recorded a significant increase of its price. The value of the criptomoneda passed from USD 0,0144 to USD 0,0159 in a matter of hours. This growth continued to increase gradually until the 12th day of September, when TRX came down to us $ 0,0147, to then climb slightly up to its price today, USD 0,0153. The growth during the week was 4.93%. The critomoneda, which aims to revolutionize the entertainment system of digital content, has a market capitalization of USD 1,800 million with a daily volume of USD 485 million. Its main markets are moving in DigiFinex, OKEX, and Bit-Z. A message from the leader of the platform, Justin Sun, points out that it has recently launched a new scalable solution, with the launch of the code for the side chain of Tron: The Sun Network Version 1.0. Source:


Litecoin, which currently sits in fifth place in terms of market capitalization (estimated at USD 4.300 million), were traded on this date in USD 68,41. With a growth of 2.79% in the last few days, the criptomoneda experienced a major step up from the 7 of September and its trade volume is USD 2,349 million.Last July, LTC has been announced as the official currency of the Miami Dolphins. The fans at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami will be able to pay directly the tickets with litecoins. This is part of the recent promotion sports team of the NFL.Source:


A series of events are being advertised on the Twitter account of the Foundation Cardano, as part of the celebration of the second anniversary of the platform. Among them is the competition he LOVES, which develops from 5 to 15 September. Through this event the members of the community can send questions to the team of developers, which will be answered in the meeting of the second anniversary that will be held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, on September 28, 2019.The team also prepares for the Wyohackathon to be held from 19 to 22 September. There participates the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Wyoming and the goal is to promote the adoption of cardano and the development of contracts intelligent on the platform.The pair of this schedule, the price of the criptoactivo began to rise from the 7 of September. Its value ranged between USD 0,0442 and USD 0,0455, with a feed rate of 2,76%. After a maximum of USD 0,0480 the 10 of September, began a decline that led him to 0,0446 day 12, with a correction that keeps you between USD 0,0454 and USD 0,0459. Its market capitalization is $ 1.175 million, and their volume of daily trading is USD 39.7 million.Source: