A hedge fund meets $ 100 million in a financing round

Alpha Sigma Capital, a hedge fund focused on the crypto-currency, has made it fly with investors. The company has managed to raise $ 100 million in its last round of funding.

A background of speculative, full of the future

The future of Sigma Capital announces under the best auspices, after having raised about $ 100 million with institutional investors. The hedge fund dedicated to crypto-currencies has been co-founded by the former managing director of Nasdaq, Enzo Villani, and Michael Onghai, a partner at MGT Capital.
Sigma Capital has managed to raise significant funding because of the growing interest by investors in crypto-currencies, especially in this time of economic fragility.

“As more uncertainties around 2020, we need more innovative products, more variety of assets to help the investor to navigate through the cloud,” said Andy Cheung, director of OKEx, and an advisor to Alpha Sigma.

For its part, Sigma Capital redirects the investors in the portfolio diversification, by offering the various opportunities offered by the crypto-industry.

Investment well placed

Since its launch last January, Alpha Sigma Capital has been able to prove its value by investing in crypto-projects of first rank.

“Alpha Sigma Capital was created to invest in promising projects as we enter into the phase of adoption of blockchains and digital assets,” said Enzo Villani, CEO and co-founder of Alpha Sigma Capital.

In the past two months, Alpha Sigma Capital has invested in the protocol Blockchain Factum, the platform of artificial intelligence, decentralized SingularityNet and the protocol Korean Carry Protocol.
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