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From this 7 to 8 November, all the eyes in the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies will be placed on the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit, an event that takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel in St Julian’s, Malta.For this third edition of the event, the organizers have partnered with hundreds of investors and innovators in the area of technologies blockchains, the Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum technology, the Big Data and even the Internet of Things (IOT). For these reasons, the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit is to ensure a space in the calendar of the major exhibits of technology at the global level, is presented as one of the platforms of the level in which the companies may be displayed, to do networking, and to participate in discussions.

Who are present?

Among the great personalities who are part of this new version of the event was the prime minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat and the secretary of the Parliament focused on Services Fianancieros, Silvio Schembri.In addition to government representatives, will also be participating in the co-founder and partner of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano; the director and co-founder of Akoin, Akon; the founder of EOS Sweden, Vahid Toosi; the specialist in market analysis eToro, Mati Greenspan; co-founder of Dash NEXT, Felix Mage. All of them next to Virgil Griffith, a member of the Foundation and Ethereum; the CEO of World Mobile, Chain, Micky Watkins; and one of the partners, Gumi Ventures, Miko Matsumura, among others.As part of the organizations that enable the realization of this issue of the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit highlights the participation of various public and private initiatives that seek to promote Malta as an international financial centre. Among these companies are Finance, Malta; the company is a provider of financial services, Deloitte; and the World Organization of the Blockchain.Also, this year the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit with the support and sponsorship of large companies and recognized organizations of the ecosystem. Among these are the Foundation aBey; the service provider of storage of cryptocurrencies aPay; the utility company money digitized Dash Next; the trading platforms of cryptocurrencies eToro, OKEx, BitBay, the cryptocurrencies Traxalt, Tron, Zilliqa; in addition to the company’s mining cloud at Genesis Mining, among many others.

What is the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit?

In November of last year was held the first edition of the event, followed later by a second summit held in may of 2019. Given the great reception and participation of companies and entrepreneurs within the ecosystem, is born in this third edition of the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit.It is an initiative that was born with the intention of being able to gather in a country, whose policies are friendly to the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies, companies, startups, innovative and influential personalities within the industry. The idea is to not only publicize their projects and offer interesting discussions related to the development of the ecosystem, but also to provide opportunities to establish partnerships and networks working to enhance the future of the technology.With this in mind, in this third edition of the AI & Blockchain Malta Summit there have been increased opportunities for networking. In addition it will provide content of higher quality and many more business opportunities. On this occasion, the summit will combine with the event Medical Cannabiz World, presenting even more opportunities to make connections and planting projects.AI & Blockchain Malta Summit will be presenting to more than 10,000 delegates, about 400 exhibitions of innovations and more than 1,000 investors of large resources. In this way, we will introduce several spaces of encounter through global events and dinners dedicated to enhancing links corporate.To learn more about this event you can access the following links: Disclaimer: The contents and the links provided in this article only meet for informational purposes. Breaking News does not provide recommendations or advice on legal, financial, or investment, or replace the due diligence of each interested party. Breaking News does not endorse any Initial Offer of Currency (ICO), investment offer or similar here promoted. For more information click here.

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