Alipay plans to attract $ 44 million of merchants

The giant chinese online payment company Alipay, led by billionaire Jack Ma is preparing to expand its services to 900 million users through mini-programs. These latter consist of a multitude of areas such as real estate or the booking of cinema tickets. According to a recent report, the platform counts on these small programs to introduce nearly 44 million merchants in the ecosystem of Alipay.

Alipay service micro-enterprises

Created in 2004, according to the original idea of Alibaba to establish a service of digital payment fast and secure, Alipay is today one of the most used applications by the Chinese and millions of customers in the world in the context of the purchase of goods and services.
Conceptualized by Jack Ma as being the means of payment in the future, Alipay has managed to gather more than 900 million users. However, its functionality is limited, focus only on the big brands.
To develop Alipay up to commerce street, the mini-programs are now developed in order to serve the customers in a plethora of dealers, that are active in the real estate services up bookings of the tickets restaurant. In this perspective, 1.7 million of programs have been put in place in order to meet the 44 million traders, according to Bloomberg.

A solution is sought in the foyer of the Coronavirus

The chinese commerce has been the first victim of economic Covid-19, in the sense that the desertion of the streets led to a fall in hell of flows in the market. Aware of this difficulty of citizens to relay the streets of commerce, Alipay will be the ideal alternative in the system of payment through online services.
As had been explained, He Yongming, the vice-president of operations of the ecosystem of Alipay :

“We have seen an increase in demand of online services. This trend will only increase, even after the end of the epidemic virus “.

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