As the generation change, confirming the Status of Bitcoin as a “Safe Haven”

The Bitcoin debate about the place as a “Save Haven” raging recently, as fears of a global recession increase. The Central banks and governments, the brakes active, the economy, in order to protect themselves, but this leads to a dilution of the Fiat money.

The Bitcoin Generation

It is clear that the opinion about Bitcoin as a Safe Haven is an asset divided largely according to generations. Those who were born before the invention of the public Internet, have nothing Good to say about crypto-assets, and believe that only Old-School investments like stocks, real estate or commodities such as Gold are important. The infamous Bitcoin critics, such as Warren Buffet, Peter Schiff and Nouriel Roubini belong.
On the other side of the digital divide, the biggest Supporter of Bitcoin are. This generation is the group born between the early 80s and the late 90s. Within the next decade, it is expected that you have the largest disposable income, and thus the generations that preceded them, far surpass them.
Of the founding partners of Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeester, has observed that this group will manage large funds, which are set to continue in the next ten years, from the traditional Investments together.

2029 is the year that Millennials (the largest Bitcoin users) the largest share of disposable income are likely to have Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers leave behind. The oldest millenials will be the end of the 40 and start to control the management of large funds.

What unites this Generation currently, is an inherent distrust of governments and Central Bank policy. The consequences of the global recession of 2008, triggered by the US mortgage crisis, have led to a harsh lesson. This view is not shared by the dinosaurs of Wall Street, which have already earned their billions in traditional investment instruments. Murad Mahmudov, crypto-Analyst, adding that this is likely to secure the Status of Bitcoin as a true safe haven.

Bitcoin will gradually be used as a Safe-Haven Asset *just in time* for a generic rational Blow-Off Top in the current monetary system to be treated. 7 billion people and their governments chase the true scarcity with infinite monopoly money.

Even a Gold Enthusiast ship is agreed that the current System will end with the demise of the dollar, which has for far too long, the Status as a reserve currency in the world.

We have accelerated the process of decline of the dollar, we have fought many Nations around the world that we need to keep the Dollar really still.

It may still take a few years, but Bitcoin has already established itself as a new asset class and as an inviolable fact. With these two factors in the back of the head and the current paradigm shift of a Generation, it does not seem foolish to refer to Bitcoin as a safe haven.
Text evidence: bitcoinis, Martin Yoiung

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