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Bakkt online! What is the impact on the bitcoin price? – Breaking News

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After months of uncertainty and delay is the time it Bakkt live. Bakkt, it is a platform on which investors can trade in bitcoin futures contracts.

Bitcoin futures contracts, but in a different way

With the bitcoin futures contracts allows traders to speculate on the bitcoin price. For example, they can bet on a price (a long position) or lower prices (a short position).
Bitcoin futures are not new, they have been by the end of 2017, offered by the CME Group. But Bakkt the futures contracts be settled in bitcoins rather than in dollars. Traders have to deposit bitcoin and in bitcoin is paid. Investors are expecting that the Bakkt influence the bitcoin rate.
A unique feature of it is that the bitcoin futures contracts of the Bakkt are focused on the short-term. And the futures run after a day off. Bitcoins will be the second business day after delivered to the customer.
Bakkt also offers a monthly contract, but investors are especially anxious for the day to day variation. That brings together institutional investors are closer to the process of buying and selling bitcoin is similar to a regular cryptocurrency exchange.
Lanre Sarumi, CEO of cryptoderivatenplatform LevelTradingField is also very enthusiastic.

“The day to day contracts seem to be in the foreign exchange market, with the ability to short sell. That is, it is huge.’

Last night went live today, and what has been the impact on the share price?

Bakkt last two hours has been launched. The first day of trading close to the twelve o’clock last night, (both local time). A lot of people are looking forward to the impact of the Bakkt on the course.
To date, there is still very little happening with the bitcoin price. The price is what dropped it, but for the bitcoinbegrippen to move the price in a narrow band. Compared to 24 hours ago, and the rate by 0.2 percent.

For the daily futures contracts, there is no data available. If we look at the monthly futures contracts has Bakkt at this point, to 18 bitcoin being traded. That may not seem like much, but it could also have to do with the timing of the release of the Bakkt. In the Us the time is Bakkt on Sunday night, eight hours have started, perhaps, there were few institutional investors are active.

However, there may also be other reasons for the low volume. According to cryptocurrency investor, Ari Paul, the physical processing is in bitcoin for the slow adoption: β€˜it’s Probably to build up interest for Bakkt low, because the traders in the contracts in bitcoin to shut down. The futures contracts from the CME, could anyone who has the right to registration immediately acted upon.”
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