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Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, of more than 50% from the SegWit addresses

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Segregated Witness SegWit addresses are becoming more and more popular. The rate of Bitcoin (BTC) transactions, from a SegWit-of address has been greater than ever before. According to the statistics of the is going to be 50.5% of all transactions.

The SegWit solution

SegWit, it is an optional update for the bitcoinadressen. Specifically, in order for the transactiesnelheid on the network to be increased. Originally the update was aimed at my pride of a transaction increase.
In practical terms, this means that items from a SegWit address and more transactions are in a block in the match. Miners may be more transactions in blocks, and the process by which it reduced delays.
In addition, it also has an optional schaalbaarheidsoplossing. This means that there will be more transactions at the same time, the network is a place where every block is full of SegWit transaction would be.
SegWit transaction network of bitcoin.

What is the state of the bitcoin transactions?

According to the do you pay for at this time is approximately $0.51 for a quick single bitcoin transaction is within 3 blocks. If a transaction has, on average, half an hour in order to be processed.
You can have to wait? It will cost only $0.05 a transaction. This process will take about 6 blocks or 1 hour.
For perspective, at this point take up most of the bank any longer. Central to, for example, an ABN is often the only other account on the next business day. For this transaction you pay as a consumer, you have to pay usually a monthly fee for your bank account.
Banks are in this area, however, not to be silent, and there was ways to make instant cash transfers to support them.
It’s not as familiar as the pins are in a restaurant, but for a lot of (international) payments may be bitcoin is a faster and better way. Even with the transaction costs that are higher.
The average transaction costs in relation to the network of a bitcoin, according to in the above chart, we see a clear peak in 2017 and 2018. The network of bitcoin had to deal with a lot of transactions that are not easily able to be handled. As for the price, the other dropped down, we saw a substantial decline in the use of the network.
In the year 2019, the transactions of the bitcoin is, in part, by SegWit a bit more efficient. In this graph, we can see that the peak of the activity is still around the turn of the year, from 2017 to 2018 is. However, the network is currently quite active.
The number of confirmed bitcoin transactions, according to the blockchain.comTerwijl, the transaction costs are relatively low, there will be hundreds of thousands of transactions per day are processed at much cheaper rates than at the previous peak. Now it’s wait and see how the transaction costs behave when the network is in terms of the number of processed transactions to new heights and is increasing.
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