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By 2019 it seems to be that of civil disobedience. All Over the world, citizens are in the streets to protest against the policies of the local powers that be. Even here, where we have it relatively good, farmers, teachers, and the construction sector, and resulted in klimaatburgers the steps down to the street.
We’ve all seen the pictures of Hong-Kong, France, germany, Spain, switzerland, the Netherlands and Germany. But, in Iraq, Colombia, croatia, Ecuador, India, Egypt, Indonesia, Serbia, romania, Russia, went out in the last few months, hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets. And earlier, in 2019, the same thing happened in the Sudan, Kazakhstan, Peru, philippines, Algeria, Peru, Tunisia, Jordan, Haiti, the Czech republic, and Zimbabwe.
All of these are separate incidents or not? Perhaps, because each group is fighting for their own local business. However, it is significant that all over the world, at the same time, protests broke out. It is not fair to all the protests, all in one box, to stop it, but the timing will not be ignored.
Lennart Hofman, The Correspondent wrote that demonstrators from all over the world have the same tactics, the same lessons to learn, and in some cases, through them. For example, the yellow shirts blew over from France. It is in the country’s cities to protest for freedom in Hong Kong. And in Hong Kong to take on the protesters, Catalan flags with them. In Lebanon, the chanting of the protesters of the protesters in Iran so far.

These days, everyone with a smartphone is the ability to get his point of view directly with the world, to share and to contribute to the conversation. This is a very powerful way in which the world is not a very long time to get acquainted with it and are still learning to understand it. Authorities in each and every case, it does not have enough of a grip on it. A good example of this is the mobility provided by the internet, at the time of the ‘Arab spring’ revolutions have been made.
The ability to get information quickly, and everyone has to be able to share it, which ensures that the wrongs of the politicians and government do not go unnoticed. The period of time that is the status quo, without the numbers, the policy can change, and you can take advantage of the rest of the world is slowly coming to an end. The period of time that the average man is not a weapon, it has to be this injustice and to fight is in the past.
In a world where the internet has become commonplace, and more and more people are using social media to talk to them, there is less and less space to hide from the scandal.
Just in the last couple of weeks has been a sekstape is shared by a Bolivian president, who is himself posing as a conservative, a Christian, a prince, who was forced to comment on his relations with the dead man, a pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, Russian who is a spy drone, shooting them down with lasers, and you will see how China deals with protesters in Hong Kong.

This is a prime example as to why people are going out on the streets. Yes, they are all different, local, reasons that may give rise to a strong protest. However, citizens are increasingly frustrated with the existing forms of political participation and representation. A few more options on the right, to force it to close it.
António Guterres, the United Nations, told me last month that he similarities between the protests of all the nations, from the poor to the rich. The agreements, which he indicates have been in extreme financial stress, inequality, and other structural problems.
Demonstrations are also an expression of frustration. This can be a negative for exposure, but it is nothing more than a call for a more equitable policy.
The internet has made sure that the people who have the same interests, and frustrations to each other, it’s easy to be found, and that behavior is what used to be good was, is also discussed. There is a need for means by which the common citizens are less dependent on a single source of information. Also, it is important that we continue to work towards an open, decentralised means by which the state and the citizen is not able to continue to run. And that’s where bitcoin is in a big part to play.
During the protests in russia, the banks have their doors out of fear of the people. The citizens are protesting, and as a means of punishment, they can’t spend their money. How do you want to tell, and this ensures that it is to the population, the harder it becomes to be possible to close it. Bitcoin can act as a safety net to the protests as possible to make it.

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Jeremiah Faber

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