Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple Price Analysis, 03 April 18

Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ripple Price Analysis, 03 April 18

SAN FRANCISCO, California – For seven consecutive days, Bitcoin Cash has been continuously declining with day end amount of $642 last Sunday. This has led investors to move on with this cryptocurrency and the larger market. Bitcoin Cash has capped its market value at $11.3bn, while the overall crypto market is at $259.2bn.

Bitcoin Cash recorded an intraday high of $760 and kept if for a day, but it continued to decline towards the end of the week with an intraday low of $621. Currently, Bitcoin Cash is at $660 from $608.4 that was recorded early in the morning.

The news will play a big role in supporting the day’s record of $668 and hopefully will change to $700. Bitcoin Cash must have extraordinary news to sustain the $730 record. If by noon they failed to reach $700 level, the downward trend will remain visible, and there is a possibility of closing the day at $600 level.

Litecoin wrapped the week at $114.85. They started strong at $118.83 which is good news to Litecoin investors. Due to a market sell-off, they slide from $214.9 to $110.01. However, at midday Litecoin bounced back to $117 and closing it at $114.85.

Litecoin recorded on Friday a very low $109.27 which they should avoid at all cost. Hitting $119 level would justify retracement level of $124.9, but investors would be thrilled to see a record of $134.57, and it will dissolve the idea of downward trend of this cryptocurrency.

Ripple’s XRP recorded a gain of 0.44%, closing the week at $24.3% according to Ripple price analysis. They started at $0.50853 which is not enticing for existing investors. They recorded an intraday high of $0.5285.

After the wide market sell-off, it slid to $0.4877 during midday. The first major support level was $0.4877, and it continues to decrease to $0.4741 and then to $0.4431. At second half, Ripple rebounded and closed at $0.48012.

According to News BTC Ripple price analysis, XRP may continue to show bearish trend. But if they managed to hit $0.5583, then it will regain the trust of the investors and interest of the market.

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