Bitcoin deposited in Bakkt Warehouse is protected by policy $125 million – Breaking News

The company of future of cryptocurrencies, Bakkt, announced that his section custody, Bakkat Warehouse, now has a policy of $ 125 million for deposits in Bitcoin (BTC). The announcement of this policy millionaire is made through a posting on the Twitter account of Bakkt made the past 9th September.

“The Store Bakkt is active for the future. The Bitcoins deposited in our warehouse are protected by an insurance policy of $ 125 million.” Despite the fact that this company took a lot of time and effort in order to obtain the necessary certification to be able to offer its upcoming products of the future of Bitcoin physically delivered on a daily and monthly basis, finally got it. Since that time, things have advanced at full speed, with deposits occur according to the times provided for in its storage solution of custody newly certified, something strange in a platform that just to get permits regulatory. And, as if that weren’t enough, now reveals the news about the insurance policy that covers the deposits of customers. This eliminates another concern for institutional investors that Bakkt hopes to attract, because you can now be sure that their money is backed, and, in the event that something happens, their funds could be recovered without too many problems. It is important to remember that it is expected that the launch of the option for the futures trading of BTC is planned for September 23. If the times are met, Bakkt to become the first platform future of Bitcoin that offers a product physically delivered; which means that the institutional investors shall negotiate with BTC real. The difference between these futures and those of, for example, the Chicago Mercantile exchange, is that the latter are settled in cash, while the customers of Bakkt will receive the payment in Bitcoin after the expiry of the futures contract. As before it had communicated CriptoTendencia, Bakkt takes a few days to receive the deposit of future investors in Bitcoin. This, as previously mentioned, has the potential to change the market landscape cryptographic, achieving to increase the demand for BTC and, therefore, its price. The whole community cryptographic has high expectations Bakkt and its project of future of Bitcoin. This is expected to be the starting point for other similar companies to follow in their footsteps and obtain the necessary permits to engage in this sector of the market; because, while more options exist in the ecosystem, the more robust will be the entire industry. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of International Studies, interested in new technologies and their impact on the world. A true believer that tenacity is the foundation of success.

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