Bitcoin weekly: on Bakkt, Africa, and the Brave. The increase of 109% – BTC, Right

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What is being discussed?

Jack Dorsey, the big man is on Twitter and reads bitcoinmaximalist, predicts that ” Africa is the future of the crypto industry will be determined. He acknowledges that he was under the impression that it is the rapid development and adoption of bitcoin in Europe. However, the ball is in Africa.
The Decent web Browser, has a new milestone. The app, which was launched by the Mozilla founder Brendan Eich, it is the 40 million downloads on the Android platform.
For the past few days, left it again, to see why the bitcoin price volatility that is referred to. You might think that uncertainty is just a negative for institutional investors, but the opposite seems to be true. Bakkt continues to record, record-breaking, with their bitcoin futures contracts. One day, it’s 5.671 contracts have been traded! An increase of 109% compared to the previous record.

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