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Bitcoin’s killer OneCoin, in search of The Missing Cryptoqueen is coming to an end

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This week saw the final episode of the fantastic podcast series, The Missing Cryptoqueen by Jamie Bartlett. In the podcast, will try Bartlett and his team have to help Ruja Ignatova on the track. She is the master mind behind it, the truth of the cryptocurrency scam OneCoin.

The biggest scam ever?

The U.s. government’s estimate of the value of the scam of the OneCoin to $ 4 billion, but Bartlett did, documents were discovered which prove that OneCoin is much more binnengeharkt. That’s 4 billion dollars, it seems every continent. The latest estimates suggest that the OneCoin has earned, and, the 19.4 bn dollars to victims of Bernie Madoff have been lost. If this is correct, then it is OneCoin-the biggest financial scam ever.
In march, a district court in New York city, Mark, Scott, Konstantin Ignatov (brother), and Ruja Ignatova have been charged with fraud and money-laundering. The court accused the three of them for their various roles in which they have an international pyramid scheme, call it. Only to Ruja, it is still a free man. Below, you can see her in action as a OneCoin to be held in the Wembley stadium.

The perfect scam

Jamie Bartlett, wrote in The Missing Cryptoqueen and Georgia Catt, who was responsible for the production. The latter recalls the first time she called OneCoin was supposed to be. A friend of hers had just gone all-in with buy-ins ranging from € 70,000. “They’re very invested in, and they said that it will be the next big hype would have to be,” she recalls.
For the Catt, it seemed that the promise of a huge return on your investment in something that almost no one had heard of it, is too good to be true. She began to do research on OneCoin, and it ended with the reveal of the what they call the perfect scam called a scam of billions of dollars, which is a fake currency, combined with a cult-like wervingsprogramma. Either it is a pyramid scheme.
The art of the podcast is Missing Cryptoqueen

The Podcast is in search of Ignatova

Most of all, she was surprised at how little there is about it as it was. “It was a hyperversie of so many of the things that are currently in use in the world: the hype surrounding the technology, FOMO, and how easy it is to have credibility, building distrust in the establishment, and the mainstream media.” Catt decided to create a podcast.
The main theme of the podcast is the result of Bartlett’s visit to bulgaria Ruja Ignatova, who is on the run it seems to be. The podcast is woven skillfully with the story of a Ignatova, a glamorous, Oxford-educated entrepreneur who was a great crowd went with her to OneCoin-the lectures, with the advent of OneCoin. The search for the podcast feeds them langseen countries, in Romania, it is owned and run by the OneCoin, and a city in the South of Germany, where the family Ignatova once in a metallurgical factory, owned.
The good thing is that the story isn’t finished, and before they started shooting. The story continued to unfold. There’s even an episode in five days to be deferred, because they have an indication after the boy.

OneCoin was more than the good ones

In the last episode is going to Bartlett on the impact of the OneCoin in Uganda. He talks about the devastating consequences to families who have been torn, and goats, and houses that have been sold, and even in the churches who have corrupted it.
The bigger picture is that no matter how good, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and decentralized fintech may be in the world, there are always a number of bad parties, who take advantage of them. In a country like Uganda has a decentralized digital currency is really a place for it. The unbanked and the underbanked can cryptocurrency compete in the global economy. But OneCoin was faster than the good ones, and that has disastrous results.
All the episodes are free to listen to on the BBC’s Sounds.

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