BOSAGORA continues to impress with its digital currency BOA that is now listed on Bithumb

March 8, 2020, Seoul, South Korea: BOA, the token native BOSAGORA, which is governed by a “Network Congress,” democratic of its users, saw a staggering growth of 279% in the fourth quarter of 2019. In 2020, the project has continued in the same line, with BOA reaching a historical peak in march.The rise of BOSAGORA is especially timely as it develops a positivity in the wider market of cryptocurrencies Korean. On the 5th of march, the lawmakers of the parliament of south korea passed legislation that provides a clear framework for the trade of cryptocurrencies. It is expected that the measure provides greater certainty, security and growth-related projects blockchain in the country, with BOSAGORA perfectly poised to take advantage of.Created in 2017, the project BOSAGORA produced a whitepaper updated in 2019 to clarify their basic concepts and to set the groundwork for your future success. This provided the catalyst for its rapid development and growth towards the end of 2019.The vision of BOSAGORA is a blockchain that allows for projects, backed by the robust functionality of their Contracts of Trust and galvanized by the adaptive nature and equitable sharing of its democratic government. These elements combine to create a blockchain that is innovative, fair and reliable-focused on ensuring the continued success. Through these systems, as well as a number of other mechanisms, BOSAGORA created the first chain of blocks of contract smart driven by the collective intelligence of its users.The project is strengthened by its scalability, as it houses a solution of a second layer built-in called Flash Layer. Somewhat similar in concept to the Red Lightning of Bitcoin, the Layer Flash BOA allows the confirmation almost instant transactions without adding additional tension to the blockchain or layer winding.By combining a fair approach and inclusive, a combination of dimensions, innovative technology and a team formed by some of the most respected experts in the field of blockchain, BOSAGORA expected to become one of the blockchains most commented on and used in 2020 with the potential to dramatically change the face of the criptosfera as we know it today.For more information on BOSAGORA, visit with the Media
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