Brad Garlinghouse: Ripple can of course, XRP is not affected by Breaking News

Brad Garlinghouse is the most important man in the Ripple, he says, is that the over-the-counter sales of XRP has no effect on the price.

Great inequality leads to unrest

This year, it is not (yet) been good, for the price of XRP. The price of XRP is 27 percent, while bitcoin is a 175-percent increase.
That is a large inequity as a result of that tweeter Computer Bitlord, a petition was started. The goal is to get to the requirements of the Ripple is that they are a part of their XRP-stock it and sell it to the companies and exchanges. To date, more than 3,500 people have signed the petition.

In an interview with CNN (see below) to compare Garlinghouse Ripple’s possession for more than one-half of the total number of XRP, with the how are bitcoin offshore of large amounts of BTC to have it. He believes that this price does not exist.
β€œIf you look at the correlation between the XRP and the greater part of the cryptomarkt, or how often, the altcoins will be, so that you can see a lot of similarities. Ripple may be the price of XRP does not have more impact than the offshore, the price of bitcoin can be determined. Some of the altcoins, and, in particular, the smaller the risk that people will manipulate them. However, we are talking about XRP, it will be a day, a billion dollars is traded. So, I don’t think that anyone is capable of that the prices are really to your liking.
β€œWith bitcoin, there are whales out there early and in front of them. There’s even a wallet with one million bitcoin, no one knows who they are. The XRP community and is a Ripple in the biggest hotel.

Ripple fork

Garlinghouse says that it is not in the interest of the market, flooding it with XRP. Just Ripple the opportunity to have a healthy XRP ecosystem. Computer Bitlord may also XRP-to-fork as the Ripple doesn’t stop with the sale of XRP. This can be done, since XRP is open source, it is, according to Garlinghouse. In the last quarterly of the Ripple state, that is, in the second quarter, more than $ 250 million of XRP has been sold. The plan is to have the quarter be less XRP to sell.

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