Brave (BAT) is the most downloaded Android Browser in Japan

Last month, a web browser Good the most popular web browser in Japan. The statistics of polaris office, a website and Android app ranking tracking. They say that a Good no less than eleven places ahead. In the twentieth place to ninth place. For now, the app has more than two million times.

The good, it is a cryptobrowser

Good will come out of the case of Brendan Eich, a co-founder of Mozilla and the founder of JavaScript. The web browser has been around since 2015 and has, since then, more than 30 million download for desktop and mobile. But what makes this browser different from the rest? With their very own cryptocurrency, Basic Attention, Token (BAT), is at all connected to the web browser. That was not the case, but in June 2017, it was on the ethereum-based token, by means of an ICON on the platform, will be introduced. The good, brought as many as 35 million u.s. dollars due to the sale of up to 1 billion tokens.
In the browser, which rewards the user with a BAT-tokens, if they choose, in order to serve ads to look at. The default browser is set in such a way that as little as possible, have one of the trackers, cookies, and ads. In addition, it allows you the option at the browser is also BAT to earn the content to the public. You can have your YouTube account or any blogs to link to the rewardsysteem to get the BAT to earn it. Users of the browser will be able to choose to be content contributors and reward them with tips (tip).

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A built-in wallet

The good, it has also been announced that the browser will, in the future, is a native cryptowallet is given. You would think that the cryptogemeenschap these arms are open to receive, but Brendan Eich managed to get some critics. That is because of KYC (log data) is required in order to make use of the wallet. Eich has defended himself by saying that he is not a malicious party access to the wallet.

The good, more often it is downloaded, then Firefox, chrome, and Opera

According to the polaris office has exceeded the Brave Browser, the ever-popular Firefox, which is 553 thousand times is available for download. Also, a competitor of Opera should be removed from the game. The Opera is over 1 million times, which is a decrease of fifty per cent, as compared with the previous month. Good bleach still, however, in comparison with the Chrome browser from Google, which is more than 60 per cent of the market share of mobile devices owned. But it will be included and will be installed on your Android phone.
This Is the reason it is to invest in a BAT? Since we advise you, of course, not an option. Do your own research. The fact is, though, that the value of the BAT since the beginning of april a hard fall. At the end of april, it was the BAT of 46 cents worth. At this point in time, but for 17 cents. Nevertheless, analysts are excited about the coin. Thus, the well-known YouTuber DataDash.

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