Brave outperforms Chrome according Google Play in Japan – Breaking News

The web browser decentralized and enabled to Blockchain, Brave, overtook Chrome Google in Japan, according to a ranking of Google Play. Brave, the one preferred by the members of the community to cryptographic and lovers of the technology chain of blocks, it is outperforming its main competitors in Japan, such as Firefox, Opera and, one of the world’s favorite, Chrome. The most recent data from the ranking of Google Play show that Brave is at number 10 in the list, while its closest competitor, Firefox, is left behind to occupy the 14th position. The order of this list is determined based on the performance that presented the application in front of several key metrics from Google Play, as the failure rates and the lack of response of the applications, in addition to the excess of WiFi, the location or the processing in the background. The information became known thanks to the publication of a user of Reddit that reported the feat achieved by Brave. “Things look very well this month. The first time that Brave is ranked number 1 in a county with a large population. Firefox and Opera are weakened more and more. Firefox with 553k downloads in comparison with the last month 830k downloads. Downloads Opera 1m compared with last month’s 2m. Brave is in a superior motion with 2 million downloads per month now”. Brave takes some time trying to gain a share in the market of traditional web browsers. To do this, is using the tokenization of certain aspects of the experience of an Internet browser for users to be attracted to your proposal. Those people who dare to try this alternative, they can be able to earn the token native browser Basic Attention Token (BAT), with only viewing ads and to claim subsidies. The token can be used later to give a tip to the creators of content on sites like Reddit and Vimeo. Everything indicates that the proposed alternative for the Brave has sunk in the japanese market, as its people are leaving behind the traditional web browsers to move to the option decentralized that uses Blockchain. Something that could also have called the attention of the people in Japan, is that Brave is still launching innovation after innovation, with the aim of being able to meet the new demands that are emerging in the market. For example, in August announced that it would develop a new wallet in criptomoneda for their tokens based on Ethereum. The following two tabs change content below. I am a student of International Studies, interested in new technologies and their impact on the world. A true believer that tenacity is the foundation of success.

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