Breaking News named Genny Diaz as new director of content

The journalist venezuelan Genny Diaz Reveron will lead the coverage of bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and blockchains of Breaking News after being appointed as the new director of content. Convinced of the potential of bitcoin to transform societies, Diaz takes on new professional challenges after they join to this publishing house as an editor in June of 2018.Graduated as a social communicator of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) and with more than 25 years of journalistic experience, Diaz will take the reins of the betting editorial and new content for our audience of Spanish-speaking on a global scale.After its passage through the world of advertising and journalism institutional agencies such as the Social Protection Fund for Bank Deposits (Fogade) and the office of the Attorney General of the Republic, now the communicator will focus even more its efforts in the growing universe of bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies.In this new phase of the reengineering Breaking News and then walking through the editorial department, the reporter speaks of the reasons that led to accept the position and what are the goals that will be proposed in the short term. Breaking News is born of the passion its founders by Bitcoin, says Genny Diaz. Image: Breaking News.”The main reason why I accepted the challenge is because it is a work with high levels of professionalism. It is a great responsibility to be at the front of Breaking News because of the prestige they have in the criptoecosistema. Now come new tasks and responsibilities for the betting editorial to comply with the goal of educating our audience that speaks Spanish,” noted Diaz, who laborará of the hand of José Rafael Peña as coordinator of content.Bitcoiner by conviction, Diaz Reveron considered that the name of Breaking News, such as digital newspaper, has stuck because it is not born of a formulism already been raised in other media in which the treatment of the information is not specialized, but is born by the passion of its founders for Bitcoin, a feeling that trying to replicate to all the workers who make life in this medium.The new director of content considered not to be carried away by the price of bitcoin, or what they say, the market. On the contrary, his point of view is that if there is knowledge and education, any person can fall in love with this technology.”I met bitcoin as a tool to make trading, but once I went to Breaking News I knew the philosophy, the technology, all its components and parts. That was what made me to become a bitcoiner real. That knowledge is going to be transmitted to everyone who comes to Breaking News is a differentiator with respect to other media where I’ve worked. In other parts one as a journalist plays a role and the training will be for the account of each person, but in Breaking News there is a concern to understand bitcoin in all its dimenssiones,” noted Diaz.

Journalism on bitcoin

In an era in which it is usual to see new media spreading the news about cryptocurrencies, must know how to differentiate information from knowledge, as the intention is to serve as a vehicle for more people to understand what it is about this new form of money. For Diaz the journalism on bitcoin must be founded on the truth and disclose articles of utility, this is because it is going through a stage of adoption. That is to say, avoid say things that you do not understand. Thousands of venezuelans use bitcoin as a store of value, it points to the new Director of Content Breaking News. Image: Breaking News”There is an explosion of new media, a lot of people are trying to enter the area. In the past two years has grown a lot in the supply of information media in this sector. All are looking for your north, but in the case of Breaking News this is a forum that already has a reputation and a prestige achieved”, explained the new director.In the case of a person to show interest, but do not have the proper knowledge, there is the possibility that it will develop a rejection of the technology, a point of view that Díaz does not hide.”We are at a stage where the interest has grown and the lack of knowledge can lead you to wrong paths and even to reject the technology of bitcoin to live a bad experience, more than anything is based on ignorance. There are to transmit knowledge easy to understand so that people know how to differentiate between smoke and the siren songs of the reality”, added the journalist.The first-hand knowledge of the economic, political and social de Venezuela, the communicator has also experienced hard times that have hit its economy. However, thanks to bitcoin has managed to skirt the crisis and safeguard their funds. Like thousands of venezuelans, Diaz uses bitcoin as an option for the money to not lose value, which it believed was a lifesaver. While others prefer to safeguard it in dollars, she saw the potential in bitcoin to transform vulnerable societies in the economic field.

Standard in the financial sector

As a faithful believer in the potential of bitcoin, Diaz is of the opinion that the main criptomoneda of the market will become, with the passage of years, a new standard in finance digital. Despite this enthusiasm acknowledge that you do not see, at least in the short term, and that bitcoin will replace the fiat money. It does, however, see a better outlook for the medium-or long-term in which bitcoin lives with all the coins.”Bitcoin is becoming a currency as any other, and not in a weird thing used by a few nerds bitcoiners, but in a real forex, I think that it is already doing. Bitcoin already has that range, beyond being considered as an asset market value of exchange”, noted the director.With the creation of the new position and the appointment of Diaz Reveron at the helm of the contents of Breaking News, it opens a process of transformation offshore in the newspaper that result in more and better articles for the audience. It is a new challenge in the face of what will be 2020, a year which will undoubtedly be full of new satisfactions, but also of the challenges that we will address are always thinking in the first place in our readers and their desire to want to know more about bitcoin.