Business manager of Venezuela considers that the petro is not a criptomoneda

Key facts:

Felipe Capozzolo, of Consecomercio, said that the petro does not meet the conditions to be.The leader believes that if the PTR is freely convertible may be accepted in shops.The president of the National Council of Trade and Services of Venezuela (Consecomercio), Felipe Capozzolo, offered this February 19, a press conference in which he stressed that the petro can not be considered as a criptomoneda because it does not have its characteristics, so that the promoted criptoactivo the government does not have solid bases that will generate confidence in the population.During the meeting with the media, Capozzolo was clear that the petro-can not be used either as a tab, change the dealers get and they don’t know how to change it. He mentioned that there are still employers who have not received payments for the sales of the last month of December, which were processed in petros through the points of sale Biopago of the Bank of Venezuela.”The petro it still does not meet the conditions to be considered as a criptomoneda (…), can not be used as a token of change that is handed to the merchant for the delivery of a commodity, because it does not know if the will change it for dollars or bolivars. Such use is not defined in the correct way and unfortunately, traders can’t accept the petro if the conditions of exchange are those”, said the manager of the business guild.Capozzolo was suggested that if the national government will be awarded to the petro elements to generate confidence in the population and the traders, such as the free convertibility in bolivars or dollars, it could be used in the best way. However, the manager stressed that the current reality of Venezuela is not that.The signs of Capozzolo follow the same tone of Consecomercio, as a business organisation, because in November of 2019, he argued on the petro that “there is not a consistent economic policy, and harmonica, behind the petro, which simply continues to increase the uncertainty and the doubts surrounding the project”.As Consecomercio, officers of the other guild business in Venezuela, the civil association Fedecámaras, have also spoken about the petro and the intentions of the national government to expand its use around the country keeping distance in relation to the currency officer, the bolivar.In January of this year, the president of Fedecámaras Carabobo, Jhonatan Aldana, said that the petro system was not viable and that it would be detrimental to the trade in general and the services. A similar view was that of Ricardo Cusanno, president of Fedecámaras, who explained three weeks ago that the petro represents more confusion among venezuelans.The petro was officially announced by Nicolas Maduro in December 2017, as a mechanism to obtain new forms of international financing and evading the “block financial” of the united States.