Cardano, the future of decentralisation?

Cardano (ADA) will be awarded to the last time a high Potential. The project is often compared with Ethereum (ETH), although it allows no decentralized applications on the own Chain. The development of ADA is located in the direct comparison with ETH in the children’s shoes. Nevertheless, there are already to the industrial side of encouragement. The head of the legal Department at PwC, Gunther Dobrauz, praised recently, the persons responsible for the development, in the case of Cardano. He also speaks of Cardano Foundation and the entire Team around the IOHK CEO and founder Charles Hoskinson will play an important part in the decentralisation of the future.

Cardano, in collaboration with PwC

A possible connection between Cardano and PwC, it was by a Tweet from Dobrauz on 3. March public. In the Tweet, a photo was seen on the Hoskinson was. The Meeting with PwC was confirmed by a Tweet from Hoskinson, where he is to see before the PwC Headquarters in London. The Tweet of Dobrauz has now been deleted.

A possible reason for the removed Tweet could be an interview with Cointelegraph, where Dobrauz was asked about his Statement. He said that it was in the Tweet to his personal opinion and not those of PwC. Due to possible misunderstandings, he removed, probably in hindsight, his Tweet again. Why the Tweet was removed, is currently not known. In the interview, he said:

I have followed the work of Cardano and Cardano Ecosystem, more or less, from the beginning, and personally believe that you do amazing work and use every opportunity to interact with and to learn from them. The same applies to some of the other projects out there.

Marketing strategy for Cardano

This is probably not the first contact between Cardano (ADA) and PwC. In a Livestream Hoskinson said at the end of January, that PwC continues to support a marketing strategy for Cardano forward.
The company, which is really behind the marketing strategy is Emurgo. The task is quite clear – the Adoption of Cardano advance. In doing so, PwC is playing ’just‘ the moderating role. PwC should develop according to Hoskinson in February, a unified strategy and to create. Whether the Timeline was adhered to, is currently not known. The Meeting of Hoskinson in the PwC Central could be a possible indication that the strategy is already available.

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PwC wants to position itself in the direction of the Blockchain in a timely manner

PwC is already established since a couple of years ago, deep in the Crypto Space. Already in mid-January, PwC has taken over the Smart-Contract-Audit Team chain security in the own company. The auditor said at the time that the company will together with the Team of chain security “to the world’s leading companies in the field of Smart-Contract-Audit”.
We are excited to see what marketing will be provided strategy for Cardano. It is currently out of the question that the Team behind ADA works extremely ambitious in his milestones and this year we will see some progress. If Cardano could, ultimately, against its competition, with Ethereum at the top, say, will show us the time. Until then, we will keep you posted.
Is Cardano really play an important role in Decentralized Finance (DeFi)? What is the role for this PwC?
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