CEO: the ‘Ripple may be selling XRP market is not affecting’

The chief executive officer of Ripple’s Brad Garlinghouse said in an interview with CNN that his company will not be able to have the price of their cryptomunt XRP impact. A significant issue for investors in this coin.
There is a movement under way to get XRP is to clone, and no, the increased sales have to go on. The sponsor will find that the Ripple has to stop selling their tokens. According to him, it will be a much lower cost than if the tokens are in a safe location.
It’s an odd ultimatum: for every investor in XRP, it would need to know what the business model is behind the coin and the company. You will earn money by selling the currency, which is associated with the centre published cryptomunt.

The market

Garlinghouse: ”Ripple, the price of XRP is just as affecting as the rich bitcoiners with this course. I don’t think anyone is in a position to set the prices to your liking. We would be the companies ristricties to be able to pave the way for the sale of XRP.”
The top shows in the middle, or the latter will happen. In a separate situation, because the Ripple regularly release more XRP to the (free) market. Now to invest in the company for 1 billion euro (!) XRP is in a start-up business.
And any amateur economist knows, when the number of products on the market is increasing, and the demand for it, then it drops normally, and the price. The sale and invest in of the XRP something that can have an effect on the market.
And just like that, the rich bitcoiners and high-net-worth individuals, in general, for which the movements take care of it.


Garlinghouse: I love bitcoin, I am a long. Bitcoin is really a oppotmiddel, e-mail, the gold medal. However, if a transaction is a 12-minute take, and it’s a $1 cost, then it is not to be used as a method of payment.”
Bitcoin has been in the current system, in fact, is not suitable for very large numbers of small transactions are involved. With schaalbaarheidsoplossingen as the Lightning Network, as well as the efficiency of the surface must be bitcoin in the long term, an even better payment network to be.
However, to do so, there is a gap in the market. However, the question is: is XRP the currency, agencies, and people want to use it for a quick transaction? Because, in theory, it could also be bank wire transfers, also, just have to be quick.
If you have money in a bank account in the same bank to send the state all the same at the expense of the other. Ripple wants to be with XRP banks are able to adjust with each other in a faster transaction to take effect. But that has nothing to do with a local cryptomunt.
It is a tool for the financial industry. At the same time, you’ve got the Bitcoin, Lightning Network, exactly what is XRP, also promises to be: fast and low-cost transactions carried out within a few (milli)seconds. However, this project is still in its early stage of development.
His statements during the interview, the late, Garlinghouse really prove that he’s XRP not a good investment in the long run. He has, after all, would prefer bitcoin as a oppotmiddel.


Also, the ceo of Ripple does not really speak to on Facebook, and on their Balance cryptomunt. Garlinghouse: ”the Hype around it, Libra is exaggerated, it is at this point in time, just as a white paper.” The topbestuurder believe that the people in this market need to have a good look at what is real and what is not.
”Look at that, you can use it. Bitcoin is a oppotmiddel, XRP is a fast transaction,” says Garlinghouse.
The criticism is not bad, Balance point is in fact on the same kind of market like Ripple and XRP. Simply, very fast transactions and be able to do that seems to be the focal point of this project.

Interview with CNN

An interview with Garlinghouse at CNN is listed in the following tweet in its entirety, go back to look at them. The interview starts off with ”cryptomunten as XRP and bitcoin, while all the coins are in fact has nothing to do with each other.
Bitcoin is an open blockchain, is an open network. XRP and the Ripple of the old school: with a central party that has the reins firmly in his hands.

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