Coca-Cola is working with SAP, and uses the blockchain for the management of supply chain with Breaking News

In the U.s., the Coca-Cola company is the large multinational corporation, that is, the benefits of blockchain technology-involved. The frisdrankfabrikant want to fully make use of the blockchain in order to their supply chain and to streamline it. The time for an initial pilot program.

Built by SAP

Business Insiders wrote betaalmuur), which is the plan of the Coca-Cola company, is to use the blockchain technology from the German software company SAP. In the first instance, all the transactions are kept between seventy franchisees and bottlers.

Is the blockchain is the correct way to do it?

The big corporations and their highly complex supply chains existed before the blockchain by bitcoin, was introduced. However, many companies see the advantages of a blockchain be rolled out across the entire supply chain of a product, and not just within their own company. The idea is to get the product from the raw material to the factory, the truck is up to the customer to be able to understand it.
Coke One North America (CONA) is working with 12 of the largest bottling plants for Coke’s products to be deployed. These are every day about 160,000 contracts. CONA states that by the blockchain to be used, and the efficiency and transparency of the giant supply chain that could be improved. Also, expect to CONA, that the orders are so much faster and can be several months to a couple of days.
This is a supply chain that includes an annual 21 billion dollars ‘ worth of value. That is, however, a pilot is worth it.

No brokers and more

Hit to performance because of all of the transactions in the different bottling plants to a distributed ledger that can be accessed.
“There have been a number of transactions that are cross-company and in-ok are inefficient. They will go through intermediaries, they are very, very slow. And we found that we could improve on, and what money to save,” said Andrei Semenov, the senior manager of CONA.
The pilot program has been extended to include all of the franchises, and Semenov argues that this might lead to future co-operation between Coca-Cola and Walmart, and Target.
Walmart is, after all, not a stranger from the blockchain. In 2017 began to Walmart and test of IBM’s Food Trust blockchain for the following voedselleveranciers. Also be used as a part of the Chinese branch of Walmart in the blockchain of the VeChain. In addition, there were rumors of a private Walmart cryptocurrency.

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