Crypto-adaptation vs. crypto Adoption: Welcome to German lesson!

With today’s article I would like to bring a little light into the Dark, and a lance for all English enthusiasts and philologists break. Anyone who has read in the last few weeks and months, the headlines of popular German media portals (including our), is always pushed back on the notion of crypto adaptation. Anyone who has read at the same time, in addition to English-language media portals, is likely to be pushed again and again to the concept of Crypto Adoption. Crypto-adaptation vs. crypto Adoption – that is the question today.The attentive reader soon discovers that the two terms are similar, but not identical. To bring a little word joke in the article: to understand The difference between adaptation and Adoption, is the A and O of this article. So what is the difference between Adaption and Adoption, and the concept of which is in our context the Right one?

Crypto-adaptation vs. crypto-Adoption – Duden, speak!

If you have questions about the German language, the Duden helps a lot. For in him all the words of the German language is fortunately documented and explained. Let’s take a look at the two words, adaptation and Adoption. We then consider adapting the corresponding verbs, and adopt.

Adaptation and adaptation – adaptation

Anyone who is looking to according to the concept of adaptation, which receives the following result:The concept of Adaptation, which is here used as a Synonym for adaptation, therefore, has three meanings. The the noun the corresponding Verb means to adapt. So we look at what results we find for the Verb ‘adapt’.Aha, see there! The Verb adapt describes the process of adaptation. As synonyms, we get verbs such as ‘customize’, ‘edit’, ‘transform’ or ‘convert’. From this we can conclude, therefore, that the concept of adaptation, respectively, of the corresponding Verb adapt, with the aim of an existing case. It’s not so explicitly (!) the Acquisition of a thing, but the adaptation of an existing thing to a reality.What is meant by the term Adoption?

Adoption and adopt – Adoption

Yes, the concept of Adoption is primarily associated with Madonna, Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie. Individuals and families, the children from poor backgrounds in the family ‘accept’.What other meanings has the term Adoption, and it is in the context of crypto-currencies suitable? What the dictionary tells us?First of all, we find only sparse statements on the concept of Adoption. The origin of the word comes from the Latin term ‘adoptio’, and the meaning of the word is given as ‘Adopting’.As a result, we are not much smarter. We go further a step. What is hidden behind the Verb adopt?Direct hit! In addition to the most commonly used meaning of ‘adopt a child’, is behind the Verb adopt yet another meaning: a thing to own or to take this. So, who is doing Bitcoin and co. suddenly, for the ‘own’ thing and this, for example, in the context of payment transactions, and does, actively working on the crypto Adoption. Oh, and who is this by the way soon enough do, you may even be described as ‘Early Adopter’.

Crypto Adoption: the acceptance of a thing

As from the previous two sections is now clear, is crypto-Adoption of the term in our context is the Correct one. This is because the crypto Adoption is exactly that: a certain group of people or a part of the society adopts crypto-currencies. He adopted this. The Acquisition of a thing in the daily life corresponds to the concept of Adoption.If the dealer decides around the corner so in short hand, Cryptocurrencies can be accepted as a means of payment, then this is a classic case of crypto Adoption. The dealer would adjust to the corner, its existing payment system, however, so that, for example, via the Coinbase API payments in Bitcoin can be accepted, then we can say the following:The trader carried out a system of adaptation to crypto Adoption.In this sense, I hope to have the difference between crypto-adaptation and Adoption are made clear. For the future, we will use the term crypto-Adoption – in the hope that it comes to an adaptation of the existing language style, so the concept of crypto Adoption is adopted into the width.Crypto-adaptation vs. crypto Adoption. What is the term you’ve used so far? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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