Denounce false extension of wallet Coinomi that steals cryptocurrencies to its users

A new threat of fraud round the ecosystem of the cryptocurrencies. Now, the creators of the wallet with support for multiple cryptocurrencies Coinomi denounced the existence of an extension to be malicious for the Google Chrome browser that uses the name of Coinomi to steal funds from the user wallet.Through a posting on his Twitter account this Wednesday, march 4, Coinomi published the alert. In your message, they invited their users to not install the fake app, which is available at the official store of Google Chrome.Also, the message asks its users to report the presence of this application. The publication does not provide details about the scam, but it does alert that the extension would have been stealing funds from users that have installed.

Among the responses to the tweet of Coinomi, one of the users pointed out a criticism of the fact that this kind of malicious applications are present at the official store of a browser like Google. Before that message, Coinomi only limited to respond: “exactly.” Additionally, from the account of Coinomi claim to have reported already the situation in Google Chrome. “It is your part to terminate the application”, they wrote.Precisely one year, one user claimed to have found a vulnerability in a Coinomi that put at risk the funds. The response of the developers of Coinomi was to reject the statement of the user, who termed as a “blackmailer”. According to the developer team of the wallet, there was no fault in the code but that the funds of the complainant were lost due to a bad configuration.

Fake apps that steal cryptocurrencies

The creation of fake applications is not new in the world of cryptocurrencies. Among these attempts of fraud, we can highlight the creation of a false application that used the image of the purses cold Trezor to steal cryptocurrencies to its users.Also the wallet Metamask, which allows the interaction with the ecosystem of Ethereum, has been copied by scammers. A false version of Metamask was available in the application store for Android devices, Google Play, and it was reported in march last year.Previously it had detected fake applications pretending to be Metamask, in addition to other purses, like Exodus; or fraudulent applications that were presented as purses of the criptomoneda anchored or stablecoin tether, and the criptomoneda NEO. All of these applications, such as currently occurs with the Coinomi, were available in official stores. In that case, on Google Play.