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The goal of Digital Gold is to digitize the physical gold and settle their value through blockchain.Tokens to GOLD would be a digital representation of the gold stored in a vault of BullionStar.September 10, 2019, Singapore: The team of DIGITAL GOLD is pleased to announce the new stablecoin GOLD. The aim of the platform Digital Gold is to digitize the physical gold and make it possible to transfer through the blockchain. The stablecoins GOLD establish a digital link between an active, real-world (gold), and a digital asset backed by gold.DIGITAL GOLD launched its product both for investors of precious metals as well as for the communities of blockchain and is based on a contract smart insurance Ethereum audited by Switzerland.The GOLD token is a true treasure for those looking for a stable currency reliable or simply want to invest money in real gold with total privacy, high level of security and total transparency ensured by an audit in real time, of the assets of ingots of gold stored in vaults in Singapore.


The gold used to store value over thousands of years. The long-term stability unprecedented in its purchasing power exceeds any fiat currency.Tokens GOLD offer a quick and easy way of storing, buying, selling and investing in assets backed by gold with total privacy. The technology Blockchain is used to record all transactions that involve the digital tokens GOLD, which represent real gold.

The Stablecoin GOLD

The stablecoin GOLD is not an altcoin or a new blockchain. Tokens GOLD act as a digital representation of the gold stored in a vault safe property of BullionStar, a provider world-famous solution for the storage of precious metals located in Singapore. Therefore, the stablecoin GOLD is as stable as the physical gold and at the same time, it is much more easy and economic to store and make transactions.The total number of tokens GOLD cast will always be equal to the amount of physical gold deposited in the vault BullionStar.The project’s customers may verify the actual amount of gold deposited in the vault using the auditing functionality in time realDIGITAL GOLD guarantees the total liquidity of the stablecoins GOLD. Any amount of gold digitized you can buy or sell 24/7 on the official market of the project and the exchanges of cryptocurrencies.Unlike the cryptocurrencies linked to the us dollar, the euro or other currencies, held in trust, tokens, GOLD cannot be taken nor freeze as the physical gold is in a vault safe in a jurisdiction with strong property rights.There are No hidden charges; the project offers transactions free between the forks and the annual storage fee lower by 0.99%. The company plans to further reduce the storage fee in the future and implement a tariff policy flexible.The founders of DIGITAL GOLD are confident that the stablecoin GOLD will become one of the key elements in the global ecosystem of cryptocurrencies. Unlike BTC, GOLD is characterized by an extremely low volatility. At the same time, unlike stable currencies anchored to currencies, GOLD is revalorizará in relation to all currencies fiduciary for the price of gold in connection with these currency-induced inflation.For more information, visit the web site:
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