EOS (EOS): Why Insights Network Chose EOS and Not Ethereum

EOS (EOS): Why Insights Network Chose EOS and Not Ethereum

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – It is a known fact that most, if not all, cryptocurrencies were hit by a massive wave of the price drop in the market. However, EOS (EOS) is working as hard as possible to bounce back from the disaster. EOSIO is a smart contract platform, which aims to address the issue of fees related to each transaction and to provide fast processing. This is why external sources could not help but recognize EOS’s performance.

EOSIO, an underdog, is a work in progress.  Their open source software it set to be released on 1st of June this year. With the current development of this token, Insights Network (INSTAR) chose to go for EOS instead of Ethereum for the creation of the INSTAR protocol.

Insights Network is based on blockchain focusing on data exchange. INSTAR uses INSTAR tokens allowing users to get money through data monetization. Also, users can obtain liquidity of data exchange in real time. It also gives users the power to decide to whom to share their data information.

The community was quite surprised that they preferred EOS over Ethereum. INSTAR’s project requires a ledger that is highly scalable with maximum security. The company has planned to release their public announcement on April 19. Choosing EOS over Ethereum was never easy for INSTAR. Though Ethereum provides maximum speed processing in a transaction, they’ve decided to entrust their project to EOSIO.

Talk about performance and numbers. This token rose over 30% in 24 hours. This event helped them get closer to Litecoin in the market with 6% margin. According to coin ranking, EOS (EOS) will land at the 5th place putting Litecoin at 6th if this performance continues, if they climb up for 6.25%. As of writing the value of EOS (EOS) in the market is at approximately $8, which is almost half of their all-time high record of $18 back in January.

EOS’s progress is unstoppable, and they keep rising to the occasion. There is no doubt that EOS’s performance, projects, partnerships, and investors will put them back on track. They are also catching up with BTC and ETH; hence, they can be considered as one of the fastest growing coins.

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