Ethereum for the freedom of the press – ETH helps Chinese Doctors in Distress

Not a day goes by at the Moment, it is not new News to the current Corona-crisis, which also relate to the Crypto-Space. Whether it is Bitcoin, which would gain strength when it comes to banks in the future is really tough, or Ripple, which is affected as the American company of the restrictions in the U.S. also, as the CEO announced today. Now also Ethereum involved in the Corona-News, because, as a Chinese journalist informs, she has successfully used the ETH network to bypass the censorship in China. What’s up with that and what it means really for the world, you can find out in this article.

Ethereum allows you to Interview with the Chinese doctor

China is famously not a democracy and instead has a socialist one-party system, which resembles more of a dictatorship. Accordingly, the freedom of the press obtains in the country in the middle of a little appreciation. This applies not only to traditional media, such as TV, Radio or newspaper. Also the Internet is censored in China, including various Social media. Many of the Apps and programs we use do not exist in China. Crypto-currencies and decentralized networks such as Ethereum are rather unpopular.This approach is especially used in times of Cororna-crisis, in order to keep critical voices under control. The Coronavirus is originally from China, and the country is criticized for not having soon enough action is taken.A Chinese journalist named Sarah Zheng from the South China Morning Post is supposed to have according to consistent media reports of the Ethereum network served to an Interview with a Chinese doctor named Dr. Ai from Wuhan, the center of the Corona outbreak in China, published.The Interview was encrypted due to the censorship by the Communist party in China with QR Codes and a few deliberate typos. In addition, the Ethereum network have helped to the extent that that information can be stored. Sarah Zheng had already tried about “Renwu Media” to publish the Interview, which was deleted from the Chinese messaging service “WeChat” so that it could not be more prevalent.

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What does this mean for ETH?

The Interview is undesirable by the Chinese government, because Dr. Ai told that she was the victim of “unprecedented and severe references” after you tried to warn in December other Doctors in front of the Coronavirus. So your granted the hospital where she works in disciplinary measures. But what does this mean for Ethereum?This case shows in the middle of the Corona-crisis once again, the importance of decentralized networks and their Expansion. Through these transactions, or information can be without a Central party, submitted. One could almost say, decentralized technologies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum contribute to the democratisation and liberalisation of the world. If this is expressed in such positive examples, such as the above, is not only from a financial but also from an intangible point of view, clearly bullish.You look better Videos to read the article? Then look at our Youtube Channel over.(Image Source: Shutterstock)

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