France Lists 15 Unauthorized Crypto Investment Companies – Issues Warning

French Government Agency Warns 15 Blacklisted Crypto Investment Companies

Cryptocurrency has hit the market on a global level. This means that it would probably cause some law-connected problems all around the world. One of the first great forces to warn for these kinds of problems in France, a country that has recently warned of Unauthorized Cryptocurrency platforms.

Allegedly, the Autorite des Marches Financiers or as known as AMF has issued a warning on Thursday regarding that cryptocurrency platforms have been blacklisted by the agency. This organ is France’s stock market regulator and it is also an independent public body which has one solemn goal: protecting and safeguarding investments in financial instruments and other savings as well as maintaining orderly financial markets.

The warning didn’t come alone itself, the agency has published a list of 15 cryptocurrency companies which, according to the agency, are “unauthorized companies that are proposing atypical investments without being authorized to do so”. Many of these examples include “Diamonds, rare-earths, wine or crypto assets” and they can be easily found on the internet.

Recently, Belgium’s financial services and market authority has also issued a similar warning to the media, listing around 19 cryptocurrency platforms that have already received complaints and that have already shown significant signs of fraud.

The AMF has already taken the job in their hands, issuing warnings to all cryptocurrency investors. They have already made a list out of 15 companies that have kept with their agenda although they have been issued with their warning. They are: akj-crypto, bank-crypto, bcoin-bank, bit-crypto, boursebitcoin, crypteo, cryptobankweb, crypto-major, cryptopartnersinvest, crypto2.bnd-group, crypto.private-finances, ecs-solutions, ether-invest, krakenaccess and minedecrypto. The AMF will continue its research for similarly unauthorized cryptocurrencies in the future, all in the interest of the crypto-investors.

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