Game based on Ethereum reward the spread mass of coronavirus

Although this 11 of march, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus as a global pandemic, for some there is still time to play with this historic event. A group of anonymous developers are preparing the release of a game based on Ethereum, where those who spread to more people of coronavirus, wins.Although it may sound macabre, the game looks for to disclose truthful information about how the virus spread. The plot of the game consists in the spreading of the coronavirus by the largest number of countries possible, using the new token coronacoin (NCOV), based on Ethereum.According to one of the developers of the project, Sunny Kemp, the portal to Decrypt, the game unites the best attributes of the board game Risk and of the mobile app Plague Inc. Just this last also has the goal of exterminating the human race.The game is in development and possibly carry the name of “Plague ETH” when it debuts. In comparison with the recognized CryptoKitties, the developer assures that “it would be more fun to design a virus that collect cats.” The team consists of 7 developers expected that it will be ready within 2 to 3 weeks, after extensive testing of its functioning and the extent to which completion of the graphic arts.The game starts with the entire planet as the scene of a debacle biological. The players will be waiting their respective turn to infect the countries, while you are designing your virus. In each round, the infecting fewer people, will be out and you will lose your coronacoins bet.In order not to focus only on death and destruction, it includes an educational factor is very important, because in order to infect the greatest number of people, players must know under what conditions to spread the coronavirus: how it spreads, what is your reaction to the environmental temperatures and materials, the statistics of the sick and the deceased, among others. All these data were configured with the help of a specialist, according to the developer, so that the patterns of contagion of the game are aligned with the reality.In terms of the approach that says that these games tend to slow down the full network of Ethereum, the developer said they felt optimistic about the scalability of Ethereum.The expectation with the game could increase or change as events unfold around the coronavirus. The WHO declared the disease as a global pandemic, while the president, Donald Trump announced the suspension of flights from Europe to the united States. Other countries such as Italy and Spain have already implemented tough measures and quarantine widespread.The token NCOV has a total emission of 7.6 trillion, equivalent to the current world population. In addition, interestingly, every two days will destroy tokens according to the number of people reported killed by the coronavirus. Half of those chips were distributed in an airdrop over the past month. The other half was divided into a 20% to donations, and 30% for development and bug hunting.This is not the first development, with a playful nature about the coronavirus. Recently, an artist tokeniz√≥ 18 bats infected with the virus in the blockchain of Ethereum, creating assets collectibles.In the case of events linked to the ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, in the past few days has announced the cancellation of several conferences, such as the Blockchain Summit Latam Panama 2020, due to government regulations that prohibit the crowding mass. Also, the long-awaited conference Zcon2, as he was suspended by the Foundation Zcash. Also, it became known that a developer who attended various conferences of Ethereum, was infected by coronaviruses.