Get the special edition of the BitBox02, hardware wallet for bitcoin – Breaking News

In co-operation with the Cryptomaan, we have a fun contest for you. This time around, then you get the BitBox02 – Bitcoin-only edition!

What is the BitBox02?

The BitBox02 is a hardware-wallet: made in Switzerland-due to the Shift Cryptosecurity. With this wallet you will make secure your own private keys. Another trick, you can use the BitBox02 also be used as a second-factor authenticator (2FA) for your online accounts to be secure, e.g. the login to a room.

The wallet, the cost is normally up to 99,99 EUR to friends of Cryptomaan. Cryptomaan is an online shop specialized in hardware wallets for any cryptocurrency s.

How do I win that wallet?

The task is quite simple, the execution is not.

Counsel for the bitcoin price in euros on Tuesday, march 17 at 12:00 am.
Leave your answer behind in the comments section below or on Facebook.
All entries must be before Monday, 16 march at 23:59 hour.
We will announce our koersanalyse on our YouTube channel on Tuesday.
The winners will be presented with the BitBox02 as soon as possible.

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Jeremiah Faber

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