Golem (GNT): Mainnet Launch in April Will Turn Tides in Favor of GNT

Golem (GNT): Mainnet Launch in April Will Turn Tides in Favor of GNT

SACRAMENTO, Calif. On their official Twitter page, the Golem (GNT) team has enthusiastically announced the upcoming launch of the Mainnet. With tests going smoothly, the developers and testers are certain that the launching of the Mainnet project will come full circle by the end of April.

The Mainnet is expected to be the first-ever global super-computer.  It will operate with the congregation of computers worldwide using one network, the Golem (GNT) network. GNT supporters will be able to buy or rent space for their computers.  Plus, they can earn Golem tokens in return which they can use as payment and as incentives.

With the Mainnet project, improved services, faster computer speeds, simple troubleshooting, and heightened transparency and security are guaranteed by the developers of GNT, shorthand for the Golem Network Token. Vying to be Airbnb’s first computer resource platform, GNT’s Mainnet project is foreseen to become a goldmine for computer researchers as well as machine learning and AI enthusiasts. Network transactions would be seamless in this automated process.

Trading at $0.232656 at the time of writing, the market outlook is positive for GNT.  Its trading price has surged to 6.92% versus the dollar, shortly after the Mainnet declaration. Bulls are positive with the digital currency reaching $1.60 high close again which it had at the onset of 2018.

The developer team of GNT has assured optimal performance for its community.  Furthermore, they have guaranteed that the incidents of fraud are less likely now that they have launched blocking features. They have also encouraged cooperation among users in combating these scammers. Digital currency investors are usually after more computing power as well as secured data storage. With these positive developments, potential investors, institutional and individual alike, are offered a rosy picture of GNT as a sterling investment.

According to the official website of GNT, Golem (GNT) is a decentralized, international, open-source supercomputer accessible to global clients. It is capable of computing a wide variety of tasks like CGI rendering, machine learning, and scientific computing. With its creative developer community, GNT provides software developers a reliable, affordable, and flexible computing power source.

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