Hedera Hashgraph chooses Google as its main Cloud provider

20 February 2020 by Océane

Being regarded as an ambassador of the Blockchain, Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) is known for its reliability in terms of safety (ABFT) and fluidity of transactions, with a very low bandwidth consumption. Recently, the company has signed a partnership with the giant social network Google Cloud to be able to take advantage of this technological breakthrough.

HBAR increases in value

As A reminder, the crypto-currency HBAR has seen a decrease in the price of 0,096 USD 0,029 USD a few days after its launch on the market in September 2019.
Once integrated in the platform of Google Cloud, rather this week, HBAR has obtained more than 73% of gain in an interval of 24 hours, including 222% in a week with a jump in price to 560% in a month.

“A cloud provider-preferred “

It is to be noted that the partnership between the two parties, Google Cloud and Hedera, was communicated in a blog post Google Cloud. And to mark its gratitude to all its new partner, Google will become a member of the Board of Hedera Hashgraph.
From a technical point of view, Google will be responsible not only for the network planning of Hedera, but also of the insurance of the stability and reliability of its operations on the ecosystem as a whole. In addition, one of the members of Google, Allen Day, has explained in the blog under these terms :

“In the context of our membership of the council, Google’s Cloud will operate a network node Hedera, and will make the data of the large book are available for analysis alongside other data sets DLT public GCP (Google Cloud Platform), strengthening the position of the GCP as a cloud provider of choice for networks DLT and decentralized applications “.

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