Investors Await TRON’s Portfolio-Changing Events

Investors Await TRON’s Portfolio-Changing Events

CANBERRA, Australia – TRON (TRX), just like other cryptocurrencies, is currently tanking. However, it appears that the recent poor performance all cryptocurrencies are going through right now will not get in the way of the exciting future that lies ahead of TRON investors.

With the current value dropping for the cryptocurrency market, many investors are already assessing the possibilities of replacing current cryptos with another digital currency that has a more prominent daily exchange rate. Financial analysts say that TRON should be first on the list.

A few days from now, two events are bound to occur in the TRON platform. Per Crypto Gazette’s report, March 31st will mark the launching of TRON’s Test Net and Exodus beta version. These two significant events will be followed by another on May 31st which is the launching of Mainnet.

The most awaited among all the launchings is that of the Exodus because this is the time that the TRON virtual machine (TVM) will be enabled. TVM will allow TRON to launch smart contracts. This will mark the day when digital assets will officially be deployed. Alongside, the network will also be able to run the full nodes.

Meanwhile, Test Net will enable TRON to develop its robustness further since this is the day when TRON can run as a blockchain. Part of the series of achievements is the ability of investors to receive and send TRX coins.

Even though TRON is among the many cryptocurrencies that have low value, this is a reason to celebrate for users. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, flat rate is an edge for TRON. Most coins are regarded as a stored value. Meanwhile, TRON will become a native currency that will soon apply force to the network.

The advantage of using TRON is that it does not rely on its currency value. Instead, as the TRON audience expands, so will its value. With that, the law of supply and demand will soon dominate the TRON network. Considering how the dollar and other high-scale cryptocurrencies are doing, it is quite tempting to buy several TRON and keep it in one’s investment portfolio.

A nonvolatile price curve has been evident in TRON ever since the middle of January, which indicates that investors are expecting a price jump by the end of March.

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