Is bitcoin’s time come? “The recession is here”: US unemployment shoots to a height of

Gary Cohn, a former economic adviser to the White house and a managing Director of Goldman Sachs, says The U.S. economy is in a full-blown recession. Its analysis used to predict, according to which the U.S. unemployment rate by more than 10% in the level is shoot.
The unemployment reached in December with a decline of 3.5%, a historic low. Since the number of layoffs has exploded during the crisis, however, this number will rise, undoubtedly. As jobs are lost and consumers are in a coercive situation, seems to be a recession for Cohn, a made out to be.

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The response of the U.S. government’s massive bailout proposals. Cohn suggests that the cost for what is currently being discussed, amount to “trillion”, and these funds must be borrowed.
The Benefits might, however, be enough to revive the markets. The government will continue printing money, and Inflation is rapid, with time, undoubtedly in the height.
However, Cohn believes that the American worker needs the money in the near future. He says:

“We need to help American workers right now out of trouble. You want to work, want to go to work, if you could, are not able to tell them to stay home and not work.“

Long-lasting damage

In addition, Cohn makes it clear that the economy is the Implosion of the credit market in a shambles. Any recovery, so Cohn, will require the correction of these underlying fundamental weaknesses.
The Problem of the excess of expenditure by the government is compounded by the crisis – something that will cause long lasting damage. A real recovery of the market must address these deeper weaknesses in the U.S. financial policy.

Is Satoshi right?

The problems raised by Satoshi Nakamoto in the creation of Bitcoin, seem to take their course. New rescue operations are in almost every sector, including the governments of the Federal States. Satoshi saw the need for a decentralized currency as a response to such systems.
While the loose credit policy of the last ten years are more relaxed, reflect Cohn’s concerns to those of Satoshi. Deep seat miscalculations must be addressed for the long-term sustainability. Nevertheless, Cohn makes it clear that his answer is now out of rescue operations.

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