It has been recognized to Bitcoin in France as legal cash

In France officially recognized Bitcoin (one of the cryptocurrencies more relevant to the market) as an asset of great value, secure and as one of the best methods of payment. Certainly the Coronavirus, or COVID-19, has taken all the attention in the media. However, there are relevant news about BTC, which are important to mention. This shows that, although the global economic system is in ruin, this token is still increasing its acceptance at the global level. Although many countries still do not want to recognize that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies to be considered as a legal cash and, possibly, to replace fiat money, it is clear that France does not possess the same ideal. As with their comments they noted that they accept the cryptocurrencies and mostly to Bitcoin. Also included in the plans of study to the cryptocurrencies.

Positive contribution with the cryptocurrencies

To start the topic, it is important to know that Bitcoin is one of the cryptocurrencies that more regulations and international disputes suffers during the year. For this reason, this news is of great relevance, thanks to that allows that BTC is still establishing itself in the international economic system. In addition, thanks to the fact that it has been recognized Bitcoin in France by the Tribunal de Commerce Nanterre, you will begin to see it as a financial product that is to the maximum torque of the fiat money. The great news also caused the opening of another list of good news for BTC, as well as some bad. On the other hand, with the emergence of a possible acceptance on the part of France, one of the representatives of the Bank of England said that:

“The fact that the court has recognized Bitcoin does not mean that the hardening against the criptomoneda will stop”. Representative of the Central Bank of England at a conference of the ECB.

These comments clearly noted that within a short period of time the Bank of England will take new steps to regulate Bitcoin.

Legalization of Bitcoin

The legalization of Bitcoin has not only been an aspect that has touched France, his recent decision could cause BTC to become legalized in other countries and institutions in the european market. It should be noted that, for it to be recognized Bitcoin in other countries, this must pass by a series of disputes to reach an agreement between the government and private institutions. With the aim of legalizing BTC could benefit the entire system. On the other hand, many countries also began to conduct their conferences, with the aim of taking a decision with regard to the issue. These nations adds them India and South Korea. However, the impact due to that France recognized to Bitcoin, can be found within the same state (for now). Due to the fact that, thanks to this, they decided to also implement plans of study for cryptocurrencies.

Plan of studies for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin

As mentioned, the French country implement a plan of study on the cryptocurrencies, making special emphasis on Bitcoin, as it has been recognized. This with the aim that they can solve all the questions asked that the community often make about the criptomoneda. The plan of study shall consist of multiple videos guiding, so that in this way, students or others to discuss about Bitcoin with a clear what is the objective of this criptomoneda, even though another of its objectives is to build trust in the community.


Despite the fact that the contribution of the european country can be considered negligible, due to the wide number of states that are in the world, this will have a major impact. Since it will begin to trade more frequently the criptomoneda in the region. In addition, the community of France will be trained in many aspects due to the new plans of study offered by the ministry of education. What do you think, other countries will take the example of France for that Bitcoin to be considered money legal? Let him know in the comments box.

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