It Is in the way for about $10.600?

At the time of this writing, uses the bitcoin (BTC) for a fee of $10.340. Going to the BTC in the direction of $10.600, or do we go back?

Bitcoin is

On the day it is to see that the bitcoin is back above the EMA 21 in the daily chart. This is a very powerful metric. However, it is important that the BTC to do this again tonight, once again, above the EMA 21 close.
As of last week, there was a possibility of a B Wave in Elliot Wave – a Double, the Three others.

If you are in the video, in the last analysis, had been looking at, did you know that I have this week looked at a possible B-Wave in the Elliott Wave Double Three others. This wave has in my view now has been formed, and it has been well found at $9.850.
That would also mean that we are coming in two weeks, green weeks for bitcoin.
Bitcoin is

The Elliott-Wave – Double-Three-the theory

This is the theory that is used in a topping stage, such as we have now with bitcoin is also a show. I don’t have one analyst, about this, talk about it, and to me that’s just a sign that I have to this is to believe, we are, after all, must think differently and then to the ground. Compare, for example, in the figure below, the daily chart, as described above.

* * * This theory does not apply if Bitcoin is in the range of well-known Descending Triangle.

Bitcoin 4-hour chart

In the 4-h summary, it is clear to see that Bitcoin is a great run you’ve had. Is Bitcoin back above the EMA 21 (4HRS) and the EMA 200 (4H), which is, for me, is a very strong signal. A ‘wick’ underneath it, it is still not a problem, as long as we only have 2 red candle sticks (locks) below the EMA-21 and EMA-200, and there is no change for me.

On the MacD we have a very strong Bullish Cross, with a beautiful volume. If the A-wave (30 in August), compared with the C-wave (right now), we had a large and positive price action after the bullish crossover.

Bitcoin is a 1-hour chart

We focus today is a little further on, we look at the 1-hour chart. We have to look at the sub-waves. On the 1 hour chart, zoom in, we focus on the sub-waves. What this shows is that we are now at the time of this writing) in the wave 4 there.
Most likely we will start with wave 5 and if we get the $10.232-$10.282-testing. Also, in a test of these levels, we could probably have the STOCH up to see, what the price action will continue to increase it may bring about.

As you can see in the chart, I do expect a bounce near the $10.600, with an ABC correction is due.

Support levels

– $ 10.150 – 10.250-zone (short-term)
– A $ 10,000 (short term)
– $ 9850 (short-term)
– $ 9400 (mid-term)
– $ 7000 (mid-term)

Resistance levels

– $ 10.650 (short-term)
– $ 10.850 then – $ 10.950 (short-term)
– $ 11.100 (mid-term)
– $ 11.800 (mid-term)
– $ 12,000 a (mid-term)

What is the price of bitcoin is doing?

As it looks now we will probably have a lovely weekend to look forward to. If bitcoin is at $10.600 zone arrives, I expect to be here again, in a sort of reaction to the wave 2 is to be formed. Keep this in mind.

The wave 2 is likely to be a bounce from his golden fibonacci’s sequence, which is at a price point of $10.130 – $10.250. A break of the $10,000 we need to care to begin to do, rather, don’t!

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