John de Mol’s place to demand action against Facebook, and Bitcoin advertising

The Dutch mediamagnaat John de Mol is continuing his lawsuit against Facebook by the. He wants to be the social media platform take the necessary steps against the false bitcoin advertisements in which famous people are used to. Reports that his media company Talpa, in a press release.
In the Ldcs, but also for the other well-known Dutch figures like Alexander Klöpping on Blendle and Dutch rapper Ali B, to be used in advertisements, in which large profits are promised.

Facebook vs The Mole

A couple of months ago, it was decided by The Mol to the court in order to get Facebook to take action to force the ads to stop. The judge asked the two parties to the agreement.
Facebook needs to work on is to stop the ‘misleading, bitcoin ads. The talks between the two parties, the laity, according to Talpa is good to go, but the arrangements could not be captured on paper.
The Mole thinks that in the short term, no action will be taken. He claims that he is the owner of the wall is to be sent. He asks therefore that the court still has to issue a ruling in a court case.

“After three months of negotiations, it is clear to me that there is no agreement with Facebook to make it one of the area’s misleading, bitcoin ads. The company has, in my opinion, the protection of the consumer, is anything but of the utmost importance.”
John de Mol

Not intended to be

The Mole said that he did not, so far, had been trying to get to the ”I have done everything in our power to be the scam with the bitcoin advertising platform will end.” In spite of the good conversation, it’s never been an official agreement between the two parties.

“It’s kind of a smokescreen to be erected”

At the site of The Mole, you will find a feeling that Facebook and the quantity is deliberately slow and vague, holding: ”The company has created a smoke-screen of good-built, but with the right measures in time, and it is not the right way to capture it.”
He was asked on the shared post as to why it is so hard to deal with this kind of advertising. The media giant will find it shocking that a company that makes billions in profit, its a platform for criminals”.
The reason seems obvious: the more income is far more important than the end-users. ”I can no longer tolerate it, and ask that the court, therefore, is still to give a ruling on this issue,” concludes The Mole.

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