Jumio Will Soon Offer KYC-Compliant ID Verification for CasinoCoin

Jumio Will Soon Offer KYC-Compliant ID Verification for CasinoCoin

LONDON – Cryptocurrency CasinoCoin has recently teamed up with Netverify® creator Jumio. Jumio will soon offer KYC-compliant ID verification for CasinoCoin, and the new partnership seeks to enhance the current payment system used by today’s online gambling industry.

Jumio will enable players to do away with the need to repeatedly verify their identification each time they use CasinoCoin’s Bankroll Manager wallet. This will be made possible thru Jumio’s real-time AML/KYC-compliant ID verification process.

Jumio’s Netverify® is a cutting-edge identity verification solution that strives to reassure regulators by being instrumental in realizing CasinoCoin’s desire to produce the most comprehensive KYC/AML tracking environment. New Bankroll Manager users will be allowed to validate their identity by using compatible mobile devices or laptop cameras to present a government-issued ID. Opening a new account can essentially be done within seconds.

The new blockchain technology by CasinoCoin will make it possible for players to conclude their transactions under 5 seconds once they undergo a KYC verification with their Bankroll Manager wallet. This convenient new system aims to improve operational productivity for all of CasinoCoin’s partner platforms by making it unnecessary to authenticate new players.

According to Jumio’s head of gaming, Anies Khan, CasinoCoin has come up with an innovative solution to the pressing desire of the gaming markets to provide an effortless user experience while still maintaining their adherence to KYC/AML-compliant systems. He further added that he has the utmost confidence in their partnership with CasinoCoin when it comes to offering benefits for gaming operators and users alike.

CasinoCoin Foundation director of advocacy, John Caldwell, noted that Jumio has been providing support for both cryptocurrency and online gambling organizations for so long, thus establishing its reputation as a partner when it comes to KYC. That said, it made Jumio a likely choice when finding solutions for the ID verification process.

CasinoCoin is set on encouraging implementation of appropriate cryptocurrency practices when it comes to regulated gambling markets. It intends to provide seamless payment solution services only to regulated gambling operators, setting its sights on delivering unmatched speed and security to its users.

Customers can expect to download CasinoCoin’s Bankroll Manager around Q2 2018.

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