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Known 3 purses with support for addresses shielded Zcash | Breaking News

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With the growth of the adoption, the cryptocurrencies point to become a means of payment, and therefore investors are increasingly looking purses that offer security and privacy. ZCash (SACS) belongs to the group of the ten criptoactivos privacy more important in the sector of cryptocurrencies.Zcash was created in October of 2016 as a fork of Bitcoin. It was developed and launched by Zerocoin Electric Coin Company and its CEO, Zooko Wilcox. The project is focused on enabling the exchange completely private funds in a blockchain is completely transparent and abierto.De indeed, the project employs a technology called a zk-SNARK, developed with the aim of protecting the identity of users of Zcash. The protocol of this criptomoneda allows you to choose between addresses armoured and non-armoured. Directions protected provide a complete anonymity, while not protected, are relatively transparent.So, Zcash-allows users to use the address “z” or “t”. The addresses that start with a “z” are fully protected and are anonymous. While the addresses that initiated a “t” are transparent and behave in a similar manner to an address of bitcoin.When doing transactions with addresses-z (z-addresses), although it is recorded in the blockchain of Zcash, the participants and the amount of the transaction are kept anonymous. In addition, the current price of the token SACS, according to the portal, round the 48,09 USD, so that can be an asset interesting for some investors.If you have decided to buy Zcash for its privacy features, in this article you will find the description of three purses-compatible addresses-z to manage your SACS. It should be remembered that users must take precautions with their passwords and be sure to do periodic backups in order to protect your money.These portfolios are available to address armored Zcash:


According to the documentation of your web page, ZecWallet, it is the first wallet z-Addr (address-z) compatible with the update Sapling of Zcash.This is a wallet for the desktop that works as a whole node, that is to say, it stores the complete record of the chain of blocks of Zcash. This could represent a disadvantage, because it implies important system requirements. Its developers recommended 5 GB of free RAM and 25 GB of disk free, so it can accommodate the gradual growth of the size of the string blocks.Is available for the operating systems Linux, Windows and macOS. Users can download ZecWallet from the page of releases from the project repository GitHub, just follow the instructions for your platform of choice.She adds that it is important that the user keep up-to-date version of ZecWallet as regularly added new features and corrected errors. To do this, the user must download the feature, follow the instructions to install as your data directory and your wallet will not be modified. Its developers make it clear that ZecWallet is not a portfolio officer, and is not affiliated with Electric Coin Company in any way.ZecWallet launched an application for Android mobile, which is currently in beta version. ZecWallet Android contained in the Google Play Store as a “companion app” to your desktop version. In order to work, the application needs to connect to the node operated from the main application desktop.This allows you to route the information between the device and the computer that operates the node. The application still presents some details which could be seen as disadvantages or “limitations”, as they are called in your web site. Among them are that you can’t generate new addresses from the phone, as well as either you can choose from which address you sent the transaction, but the application will automatically choose the protocol to Sapling, if there are funds to do this.


ZECmate is a wallet that is compatible with operating systems Windows, MacOS and Linux. It is open source and available on his GitHub repository. It works also as an entire node, implying that, like the purse above, maintains a complete copy of the chain of blocks of Zcash on a local machine. This allows the maintenance and support of the file of the chain bloques.De according to its website, ZECmate Swing Wallet is a port of the portfolio HoriZEN Swing, which offers a user-friendly interface for the public of Zcash in the platforms listed above. He further stated that each of its versions, is duly signed by Zel Technologies for each platform, to provide assurance of the quality of the software.ZECmate supports the private addresses of Sprout and Sapling, both for transactions such as private messaging, being the address “z” by Sapling the default for the identity of the messaging. The developers of this wallet ensure updates and support for each new version of Zcash, which allows an interaction of users with Zcash blockchain.It also has the option of encryption of wallet native of Zcash. It also provides a migration tool of Sprout-to-Sapling-built, does not use third-party servers, and ensures that the private keys are always kept in the possession of the user.

Saves Wallet

Saves Wallet is a wallet lightweight without custody multi-currency that supported Zcash. With the help of Zcash Foundation, developed a light version of wallet for ZEC, free-of-custody and open source-compatible addresses, t and z.In the month of June, 2019, launched a version of this app for Android phones, call Shielded Save Wallet. Its developers claim that this is the first mobile wallet compatible with Sapling, which can be used addresses armoured. Then test it with the community of Zcash, the application is available in Google Play Store, in its most recent version, released on September 14 of this year.In social networks this purse has had comments outstanding on @ZcashFoundation , @ElectricCoinCo and #Zcash community. In fact, on Twitter, the CEO of Save Wallet, Marija Carola announced that it was already available for the update of such portfolio for which he thanked the community that uses this wallet and the criptomoneda Zcash.What is certain is that the interest in the security in this type of criptomoneda is increasingly high, and the purses above have the objective of minimising risks, by what appears to be a better choice if the investments in this asset class begins to be considerable.

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