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Kraken removes Bitcoin VS From Exchange Listings

kraken bitcoin vs
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After Binance and ShapeShift, Kraken, a US Crypto Exchange has also written off Bitcoin SV (BSV) of its platform. Also, the BSV of Craig Wright has again lost a pillar of the ecosystem of crypto.

The behaviour of Craig Wright delivered because

While Binance had taken the decision to withdraw BSV unilaterally following a behaviour unacceptable to Craig Wright (by attacking the users), the computer scientist Australian who is a staunch supporter of BSV, Kraken would be on him, carried out a survey of the crypto-community before deciding on the fate of BSV controversial.

In its official press release, Kraken has thus argued that BSV had adopted behaviour that goes against the grain of what the society upholds as the value or even that of the crypto community.

Moreover, he cited a good number of pipes to be inadmissible, which would have influenced the development of this measure, namely, fraudulent claims, threats, and legal actions.

A hard kick to the asset

Although the company has not targeted directly Craig Wright, she said in her announcement that the threats were made last week with respect to individual members of the community were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

In fact, despite the warnings of Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, Craig Wright would have fixed a premium of USD 5 000 in BSV to acquire information on the identity of Hodlnaut, the Twitter user who is at the origin of the recent charity event that Bitcoin, Lightning, Torch.

Apparently, the BSV would have lost a little over 30% of its value in a week.

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