LG Samsung and Apple are attacked with Blockchain Smartphone?

Lately, the messages are piling up that Smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple or HTC is becoming more and more block-chain enabled devices, and thus also an important part of the Bitcoin Adoption help. So Samsung has decided, for example, a limited edition of Galaxy Note 10 bring out. The limited Edition, which is also referred to as Klaytn Phone, should first of all be with different dApps, and a Crypto-Wallet equipped. Now there are rumors that LG has a similar Vision, and in the Blockchain-the Smartphone market would like to get involved.

Bitcoin Adoption – LG don’t want to miss a Chance

Output location for the News are statements of industry insiders. This has been widely used in the context of an interview with the news site Chosun the news that LG is working on a block chain enabled smart phone. Furthermore, LG is working with block chain companies and developers of dApps together.Specifically, the industry insider is reported to have said the following:

It is very likely that LG to the innovation Initiative of Samsung is answers.

At this point it should be said: LG has not confirmed this news yet and no official announcements made in this regard. However, it is not unrealistic that LG can not longer sit idly by, as the competition (namely Samsung and HTC), the Bitcoin Adoption by bringing block chain-enabled devices on the market. As we have reported, for example, as early as last year, the “Blockchain Smartphone” HTC Exodus.The latest reports were to the development of the HTC Exodus for the new Smartphone, which is expected, for example, be delivered directly with a Bitcoin Full Node.You’re on the search for a German Bank account with integrated Bitcoin Wallet and direct Bitcoin trading? Then take a look at our Bitwala Test 2019! In this article, we show you all of the services and functions of Bitwala and what are the benefits of the free account brings. Play now the first mobile Bank account with secure access to a Bitcoin exchange and Bitcoin Wallet! Sign up now for free.

Bitcoin Adoption continues to grow steadily

As I mentioned in the last section, is not LG, the only provider of blockchain-based smart phones. The issue of Blockchain and Bitcoin Adoption is not only the Smartphone manufacturers caught on. So there are always examples for the Integration of cryptographic currencies in everyday life. If you want more on this topic, to inform, to we can you the following article’s heart:Is LG drive now with a Smartphone, the Bitcoin Adoption is progressing? Come in to our Telegram Chat and talk with the experts and the Community. Subscribe to our News channel to not miss any News. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

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