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The technology Blockchain has driven a revolution in our societies. Transforming from top to bottom the ways in which things are done in almost all aspects of our lives. However, to this day, remains a revolution incomplete, because the chain blocks do not have mass appeal among the population. Something that wants to solve Lisk, our criptomoneda analyzed the day today.

Basic Data

Name: Lisk
Abbreviations: LSK
Year of release: 2016
Circulating volume: 121.717.127 LSK
Price today: 0,69 dollars
Market capitalization: 84.731.465 dollars (54avo post)

Source: A currency modular

Virtually all of the cryptocurrencies in the market have an enormous potential, and perhaps that is the main problem. Since, in many cases virtual currencies end up being just that, an unfulfilled promise. A criptomoneda with the potential to transform the world, but not finish it. What that ends up being a consequence of the low mass that has reached the technology Blockchain within the common public. Thus, although the circles specialised and informed public, aware of the multiple advantages that offers this technology. For a good part of the population, the chains of blocks are nothing more than Bitcoin. In this way, it ends up avoiding the development of the new crypto projects. Those who can’t move forward without a critical mass of people participating actively. The that provides life and dynamism to the cryptocurrencies, and it is the only way for them to achieve success. Thus was born Lisk in 2016, with the goal of simplifying the approach of the general population to the technology Blockchain. Making it much easier to create applications within a string of blocks to developers. And generating an interface more friendly for users. For the time of the birth of Lisk, this was one of the cryptocurrencies most successful in terms of raising initial funding is concerned. Making it together 14.052 Bitcoins, equivalent at the time to 9.76 million dollars. Being at that time the fourth highest-grossing for a criptomoneda in all of history.

The function of the LSK

As already mentioned, the main objective of Lisk is the mass of the Blockchain. Take the technology of the strings of blocks to those sectors of the population, who for one reason or another, still have not taken advantage of the advantages they offer. And we do this by providing developers with tools so that they can approach more easily to chains of blocks. Simplifying the programming language and interface that use the same to create new applications. And once again, a string perfect for the creation of Decentralized Applications, or dApps.

What have you achieved until now?

Without a doubt, the main achievement of Lisk has been the simplification of the programming in the Blockchain. By reducing the same to the use of the JavaScript language, the world’s most popular. Putting the reach of a broad community of developers, the ability to create applications in Blockchain. In this way, have emerged a series of initiatives very interesting from the community of developers of Lisk. Among them is Lisk Bike, a decentralized market for bike-sharing. Lisk transport, a supply chain decentralized, driven by the Internet of things. And Bdonor, a crowdfunding platform decentralized. All of these applications have emerged from a very active community of developers, who are permanently working in Lisk. And from which are born the decentralized applications that allow the LSK to continue to exist.


However, these achievements are not enough to make you forget the serious weaknesses that suffers Lisk. Among which, the main one remains the reduced number of your community. Which, although it is very active, and is committed to the project, does not meet the expectations of this criptomoneda. Therefore, if the main purpose of Lisk is the massification of the use of technology Blockchain. Your community is very small it becomes an indication that the objectives are not being attained. Also something that can be observed by the capitalisation of its market, which does not reach the $ 100 million. If this outside little, Lisk must also contend with several heavyweights in their sector. Therefore, the decentralized applications, are typically a field in which Ethereum has been highlighted. Being the major force within this market, followed by another series of heavy weights of the cryptocurrencies including TRON and EOS. In front of these large cryptocurrencies, with active communities and a lot of money available. Lisk’t seem to get to the level needed to be a real competition for these Blockchains already consolidated. A major problem with which he must deal.

Main Wallets

Lisk has its own digital wallet, so that your community can easily store their LSK, to be available for the desktop, as well as for iOS and Android. In addition, several wallets of importance, also offer support for Lisk, including Ledger and Atomic Wallet.


When we think of the size of the crypto world and compare it with the size and influence of Lisk, this criptomoneda appears as a very small part of this market. However, when we compare the crypto world with the global economy, is now the crypto world that goes wrong is stopped. And this situation has been noticed Lisk, this being the reason that the main objective of the criptomoneda not is another if not the dissemination of technology to the Blockchain. What makes us think that, although in these moments its community of users and developers is not very wide. The activity of the same, the cohesion and above all the clarity of objectives which has the currency. Could allow Lisk escalase positions within the crypto world, and began to have a greater impact in the crypto world and outside of it. The following two tabs change content below. Student of International Studies, interested in issues of economy and international politics. Passionate about the progress of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in general and the cryptocurrencies in particular.

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