LSK-Based Projects Aim to Build Up Young Cryptocurrency

LSK-Based Projects Aim to Build Up Young Cryptocurrency

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – A set of LSK-based projects have been lined up for the 2-year-old digital currency. LSK, short for Lisk, has been under blue skies lately with a positive 20% gains at the onset of April. With its price closing at $8.26 at the time of writing, this app developer-friendly cryptocurrency was born from its parent, Crypti, in May 2016.

LSK operates through a blockchain network like other digital currencies.  It has an easy-to-use interface that allows building, publishing, and monetizing applications within a cryptocurrency-powered ecosystem.

Decentralized apps (dApps) can be created more effortlessly with LSK’s scalability and dApps-friendliness, Lisk’s two selling points.  For one, its scalability is propelled by side-chains. This salient feature of the blockchain-based digital currency also facilitates the effectual usage of Javascript.

Since LSK is relatively new, it still has to prove itself.  It has been compared with the older and popular Ethereum, yet its supporters are bullish that LSK can stand out and be a success through this set of initiatives:

  • The distribution of rewards like the Rencoin (REN) to its young fandom can help LSK gain ground. This type of promotional item can be used, swapped, spent, or stored. With LSK needing more supporters, it can attract more aficionados, investors, and probable owners with the Rencoin.  Moreover, this project encourages the youth to further increase their understanding of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.
  • The LSK-based project Sapiens is another latest initiative which targets students. Sapiens concentrates on academic and educational certification. Through its verifiable and secure blockchain feature, academic data-sharing is made simpler and safer. Plus, users can engage with their academic documentation in digital forms.
  • Madana secures user privacy. This project alleviates the possible qualms of Lisk’s followers as repercussions to the recent Facebook fallout. Users are given a choice as to whom they would like to share their personal information with.

In comparison to Ethereum, LSK may still have a long way to go before it reaches mainstream. Nevertheless, proponents of these LSK-based projects are optimistic that these organized events may be effective as a prelude to LSK’s smooth-sailing and lucrative ride in the cryptocurrency ocean.

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