Mastercard announces partnership with Blockchain R3 for payments trasfronterizos – Breaking News

The company of credit and debit cards, Mastercard, today announced a strategic alliance with the consortium Blockchain, R3, for the development of a solution for international payments please make use of the technology underlying digital currencies. In accordance with information listed on a press release published by Mastercard, this solution would aim to streamline international transfers and to facilitate the connection with the infrastructure for payments and settlements existing all through the design of a use case purely of business that take advantage of the benefits of Blockchain. Remember that Mastercard is a technology company within the industry of payments worldwide, whose network of processing global payments connects consumers, financial institutions, merchants, governments and businesses in more than 210 countries and territories. The announcement is part of the plans of Mastercard to strengthen its network of cross-border payments, based on the acquisition of the company global payments Transfast at the beginning of this year. Peter Klein, the executive vice president of the new payments platform of Mastercard, said: “Developing a new and better B2B solution for payments trasfronterizos, improving the connectivity at the global level in the separation between the accounts, is central to the ambition of Mastercard. Our goal is to offer another option to the connectivity and the infrastructure of global payments, as shown through our recent strategic acquisition and partnerships, including our partnership with R3”. By reference to the company’s acquisition of international payments TransFast, where cited as a boost to its network, Mastercard said that “this confirms our commitment to innovation, both internally and through partnerships and acquisitions, to support advancements and innovation in the increasingly complex infrastructure of the payment methods at the global level”. This partnership is the latest step in the strategy multi-directional Mastercard, where to provide customers with an option to move your money, which does not have any opponent. Combining the expertise of R3 in the blockchain with the brand, the distribution and payment systems existing of Mastercard, the company expects ultimately that the new platform will help to address the problems of the industries as they are the costly processes payments, the management of the liquidity, lack of standardization and connectivity between the banks and the national systems of compensation. The following two tabs change content below. Advocate, enthusiast of new technologies, believing that Blockchain and Bitcoin will bring development to the mankind.

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