Miners of Bitcoin already solved 100 trillion puzzles hash per second | Breaking News

Key facts:

The difficulty of the network reached another historic high, reaching up to 10,8 Teras.The time between blocks of the network is below the 10 minutes estimated.Since a few days ago, several users of Bitcoin have been reporting that their nodes are registering up to 100 EH/s (100 trillion hashes per second). This is a new record in the network Bitcoin, which since the beginning of 2019 has begun to increase its capacity of processing, probably by the exit to the market of new equipment ASIC mining algorithm SHA-256, more powerful and efficient. As well as the establishment of new farms and mining in the mundo.De according to information shared by some Twitter users, nodes, complete of Bitcoin we have shown, from a few days ago, that the miners are beginning to process more than 100 trillion hashes per second. Some of the portals statistics of Bitcoin have begun to reflect these values from the 05 of September, in one of these notes that has come down to 102 EH/s of hash rate.Graph of hash rate Bitcoin. Source: now, it seems that the network is not consolidated in the range of 100 EH/s processing in mining, as other portals of statistics as reported values around 97 EH/s. As each node of Bitcoin picks up the information from their peers more close, and it takes to update the more than 9 thousand nodes of the network, we record these variations in the values of processing of mining of the network.What is clear is that the power processing of the mining of Bitcoin continues to rise. This is also reflected in the difficulty of mining, which has been climbing non-stop since the beginning of 2019. From the 31st of August, the difficulty also achieved a new record high settling at 10.8 Terabytes and it is estimated that in about 13 days to rise more than 10%, up to 11.8 Teras, if you keep the hash rate today. This constant increase of processing power has promoted that the time between blocks mined this around 9,46 minutes, in contrast with the 10 minutes that tries to reach the network according to its configuration.Graph of the difficulty of mining Bitcoin. Source: conditions in the network Bitcoin might be due to the release of new miners more powerful algorithm of SHA-256, used by Bitcoin. Recently the chinese manufacturer Bitmain announced the launch of a few new miners to reach up to 64 TH/s and is not the only one that has launched new miners as well.Another reason that could be enhancing this increase is the installation of new farms mining. As the halving of Bitcoin is about to happen in less than 250 days, new investors may be looking to reap the reward of 12.5 BTC per block, before it is reduced to half after this long-anticipated event.