Miners will be rewarded with cryptocurrencies to help combat the coronavirus

The miners of cryptocurrencies can now combat the coronavirus with their devices, the GPU and the CPU, while receiving rewards for their activities. Cure Coin and Banana, two projects specialized in managing the computing power of devices of mining, have focused their efforts in the fight against the coronavirus covid-19, and motivate miners of the ecosystem to join the cause by giving a payment in cryptocurrencies for their work.Through a partnership with the initiative [email protected] to get a vaccine against the coronavirus, both platforms have comprised a team of miners that will receive rewards by the power of the equipment donated.The team works under the principle that [email protected] is a distributed computing network, which concentrates processing power to researching diseases. Because of this, users all over the world can provide the computing power of your device GPU and the CPU to mobilize data and calculating scientific results.Sponsored by the Stanford University, [email protected] decided at the beginning of this week to concentrate their research only and exclusively to achieve therapeutic alternatives to the covid-19. The computers will simulate the dynamics of the proteins of this new virus, in hopes of generating information that is useful for a vaccine.The measure also led to the mining of Ethereum, Tezos and even bitcoiners to put their computers and video cards to the service [email protected] accordingly, the platforms Cure Coin and Banana are offering rewards with the tokens native to the platform, HEAL and BAN, anyone who is involved in the project. The idea is that these revenues help to the miners to cover expenses-electric for the loan of their equipment in an initiative altruistic.

Donation sustainable

Users can provide their computing power for free and anonymously, by registering on the web pages of BananoMiner and CureCoin. There will be able to generate a user identification and for the team. This information will then be used to calculate how much computational power is providing the miner to the initiative.In turn, the participant must download, install and run the client software [email protected] in your computer. When you enter the interface, you can set the option to keep his identity anonymous, or rather join as a group. If you choose this last alternative will be the identification of your team and the name of your user on the platform BananoMiner or CureCoin. In this way, it will maintain both networks and affiliates can earn bonuses by the computational power provided.It is important to enter the user data and identification of equipment in the correct way, as it is a vital information in order to receive rewards. Also, it is recommended to wait between a few hours or a day to start receiving the cryptocurrencies in the wallet.The miners must take into account that, due to that it is a donation of computing power, you will not earn much by the activities carried out to [email protected], according to the team, remembering that this is an initiative that seeks rather to allow such donations to be sustainable, covering electricity generated by the mining equipment.For the writing of this note, CoinGecko estimated that a token BAN has a value of 0,00033486 cents on the dollar and a unit of the token to CURE a price of 0,4582018. These cryptocurrencies, not being of popular projects, can be marketed in small markets like Mercatox, ViteX and Txbit.Another interesting fact is that the team of Banana Miner already has a total of 343 miners contributing to the search for a vaccine against the coronavirus. Because of this they have become the team number 11 with the largest amount of computing power donated to the initiative [email protected], according to data from your web page.