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After that Bitcoin will recover quickly from the fall to the lower levels of five digits as I mentioned a couple days ago, now a slight recovery of prices does presume a change of scenery for this weekend. At the time of writing, the market has managed to recover only in the last hour $1.3 billion dollars to achieve to overcome the limit of the $260 billion of total capitalization, which is the lower end of the bracket is formed to be filled before the next bull run and if outside little, the total volume of a journal has been increase of +12,2% to $57,94 billions of dollars. And as part of that contagion, since some altcoins in the lower part of the table of the top 100 most important have started to show signs of a bull, the product of their possible manipulation due to the small capital required to do so. In this case, NEXUS is the token more winner of the day with a profit of double-digit up to a +10,36% to the trading at the spot price $0,096366 at the time of writing. NEXUS deals the box number 81 in the ranking above-mentioned, with a market capitalization of almost $54 million dollars and a daily volume that has been increased in the day to a little over $10.5 million. Quote Nexus spot market NEXUS is dominated by the platform HotBit, which is responsible for more than 78% of the market share of NEXUS with the pairs tied to the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether with your stablecoin USDT. Exchanges with the highest market share in Nexus In the chart of 4H for the token, NEXUS becomes quite optimistic. The break of a large candle green above the key resistance at the Fibonacci levels at 38.2 per cent indicates a bullish trend that we could see consolidate after a parable inverted may have its maximum amplitude in the target path to Fibonacci levels of 50 per cent, this is up to a +14,52% of the benefit for investors entering at the lower end of the uptrend channel projected that had its origin at the beginning of September 2019. Analysis of the graph of the Nexus for 4 hours The key support LINK rests at levels of Fibonacci retracement at 23.6 per cent ($0.0825) for the pair a NEXUS/USDT, which if it manages to break the medium term, then we may think at the lower levels with a strategy of short and directed toward the strong support of $0.0705, this would be a benefit to that scenario is similar to the previous +14,50%. For now NEXUS projects a good point of entry for those who want to obtain income on long for the token in the next 72 hours. If Bitcoin continues its trend of price recovery, it is possible that so we can see more activity up to the token LINK the end of the week.

Technical Indicators

To support our chart above its uptrend, let’s see what they present us with the technical indicators of each of them in the time frame of 1H for the pair LINK/USDT. The Bollinger Bands @ 1H are bullish. LINK had to break the upper band with a couple of candles strong, and it is located next to set a ladder directly to the proposed objective, very distant from the moving average of Bollinger set at $0.00886, with a cloud little sparse and tells us little volatility in its price, but that starts aperturarse slowly. Analysis of the graph of the Nexus for to hour The indicator Aroon @ 1H reaffirms the trend of BB and the chart to 4H for the pair LINK/USDT to be completely BULLISH, with its opposing signal direct to the bottom of the chart. To finish, the buying pressure is at levels close to the overbought zone, a signal completely bullish for the Index of Relative Strength, with values close to 70. NEXUS is the token of the same name in platform that is backed by underlying assets of the portfolio of loans of the NEXUS. The company reports passive income regularly to the holders of the token with an approximate of up to 30% in net profits for the owners. The token LINK also offers discounts of up to 50 per cent on instant loans by using your utility. In addition, the platform also allows you to use the token as a guarantee next to Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Binance Coin between other major currencies. The following two tabs change content below. Engineer and passionate about technology, Blockchain and the Bitcoin since 2009.

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