No, Elon Musk has said a Bitcoin price of $ 200,000 previously

The price of Bitcoin is since a few days on an uncertain course. No one knows what or who is for the price actions responsible – and in addition to all of the confusion is Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk donates more Irritation: a Bitcoin price of $ 200,000?
On Twitter music has sent a simple word to his millions of Fans – but this was a much talked of. Musk wrote simply: “200k”.

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Musks Tweet – a Bitcoin prognosis?

Could the Tesla CEO on Bitcoins price? Bitcoin should be meant, it would be no Surprise. Musk has spoken in the past been more excited about Bitcoin, in February, he called the brilliant, the structure of the Digital Assets””.
Not only Musk Fans are now interested in what is the meaning of the number. It is a price forecast for 2021?
Musk has praised Bitcoin in the past, and also has a little bit of BTC. In addition, he likes the game with the Public. It would therefore not be really surprising, if he would have spent with 200K a desire-a forecast for the Bitcoin price.

Oh, it’s the cyber truck

On closer inspection, shows that the Tesla-chief of its newest product: the cyber truck. Tesla unveiled the cyber truck last week, and received just as much praise as criticism.
In the case of the demonstration should be demonstrating how strong the Windows of the SUVs. Musk instructed the chief designer of the company, therefore, is to throw a metal ball on the glass. Franz von Holzhausen was the one who threw the ball and broke the glass.

Musk: “room for improvement”

Musk smiled shyly before he added jokingly that there were “room for improvement”. This Segment is impaired to the Start, so the Tesla shares fell on Friday to 6.1 per cent – followed by a litany of bad reviews.
Musk has now shown that the cyber truck can be, despite its bungled debut, successfully. However, it is still unclear whether the “200.000” represents orders or pre-orders.
According to Tesla’s agreement to the cyber truck-site, future owners can pre-order with a refundable fee of $100.

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