Now buy Bitcoin? Bitcoin price crashes in one hour on $5.200 – crypto markets are experiencing veritable bloodbath

The Bitcoin price crashed in just one hour, of the 7,400 $ 5,200 and has resolved to Long contracts worth $ 665 million.
Bitcoin has fallen below the anticipated weekly exponential 200-day moving average (EMA) – one of the steepest One-day declines in the history of the market.

What has triggered the decline in the price of Bitcoin?

The Bitcoin price reflects since the beginning of March, exactly the Trend of the US stock market.
As the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) on 12. March has shown an implicit Open of 1,100 points, also started in the crypto-market signs of weakness to show.
An abrupt decline in the Bitcoin price in the 6.410-$-low brand let BTC to a low level of support crash, the left him eventually even up to 5,200$ – sagging – for the first Time since November of 2018.
According to have been liquidated by the 2,100-Dollar-hour-candle, long positions in value of $ 665 million. Taking together all the major stock exchanges, such as Bitfinex and Binance Futures, is the total liquidation of the long positions at almost a billion dollars.
Bitcoin has never seen a global Market sell-out, and it was unclear how he would in times of extreme uncertainty on the financial market in General behavior.
Executives from the industry, although apart from that, to refer to Bitcoin as a safe haven – many characterize the Cryptocurrency due to the lack of correlation with the stock market, but as a risk-free Asset.
Bitcoins significant retreat in the last five days has shown, however, that BTC is at this time rather a risky Well as a safe haven.

What’s next?

Alternative Cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum are today fallen by 30 percent, as overnight, tens of billions of dollars on the crypto-markets have been destroyed.
If BTC follows its Trend from the end of 2018, will currencies through the market for Crypto, probably, an accumulation phase and up to the end of the year gaining momentum.
Although historical data for forecasting the long-term BTC can be used-price trends. However, Bitcoin and other crypto-currency market in the short term, in an unprecedented area.
Because analysts are unsure whether the stock market will reach in the near future a low point and if so, where this could be in the midst of an increased fear of the Coronavirus pandemic, it should be expected for the foreseeable future, with uncertainties on the crypto-currency market.

Should you buy Bitcoin now?

The Coronavirus caused a global panic and a majority of the Assets have fallen sharply. This is also an interesting investment, but possibilities. Basically, the principle is: “Never catch a falling Knife”, what means so much that you can absorb should not try a case of Asset “applies but”.
Bitcoin must find its ground what is rising falls to the bottom point and to be honest, the long-term Bitcoin are not forecasts of bad but. The best known model of PlanB suggests a future Bitcoin price of about $100,000 and more.
Even if this is at the Moment unrealistic, it is cut in half, the next Halving is suddenly the new number of daily Bitcoin, what’s in the past to bullish price actions.
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