Of fake corona virus app for Android would be 100 dollars in bitcoin-stealing – Breaking News

It is a dangerous app that promises to get you to tell me when a person is infected with the corona virus in the near future. But, by the time you start the app, your phone will be locked.

The misuse of the information

At times like this, information is of paramount importance, regardless of whether or not it is good or bad news. Judging by the press conference of Prime minister Rutte in the netherlands last night. There will always be those who wish to use it to play on the fears of the individual.
Just think of the fake news, or the abuse of public opinion for political gain. Also, the hackers are doing right now is with the app COVID19 Tracker. This is a fake, feline corona virus and the tracking app that claims to be all of your social media accounts, trying to hack into the storage of your phone, and delete it. But, if you have $ 100 in bitcoin is up.

What is the scam?

As a team, DomainTools, the dual-app, as they are a online circle were all around the search terms are related to the corona virus and the COVID-19. The full report can be found here.
Normally, you download apps for Android from the Google Play Store. With rare exception, you may want to play a game, or anything else directly from the web site, but if you do, then you’ll get a warning from Google that this is an out of control app. The offending app is also available.
The site, which lures unsuspecting victims to download the app, giving them access to a feline corona virus-kaarttracker. The card seems to be tracking, as well as statistical information about COVID-19 has to offer, including a resulting output image.
As soon as the unsuspecting victim’s mobile app, you are prompted to enter the lock screen by the user, so that the app will have a notification to send when it is a corona virus patients in the near future. Then it asks for the application permission to accessibility settings of your phone for the active, state monitoring”.

$ 100 in bitcoin

In reality, it has the app with a lot of manual intervention is called CovidLock, which is a technique of using a screen lock, attack run. This means that the user has access to the phone is suspended because of a change in the password to force the issue.
After CovidLock has been activated, you will receive a message that the user is within 48 hours and with 100 dollars in bitcoin to be paid.
If they don’t pay, there’s an app to the phone, it will clear; copy contacts, pictures, and videos of to be deleted. In addition, it is also a threat that all of your social media information with the world is to be shared. It says (in English): “You have GPS and your location, it is well-known, if you see something stupid try, your phone will be erased automatically.’
It looks like it is, or not, for this scam, it’s bitcoinadres, where victims have the btc to send to is null. This is the ship to address: 18SykfkAPEhoxtBVGgvSLHvC6Lz8bxm3ru.

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